The Kokoda Trail has the potential to be a World class pilgrimage destination capable of providing a sustainable economic future for the traditional owners of land sacred to our shared military heritage.

Since we led out first trek across the Trail in 1992, we have progressively learned more about the reality of its history, its people, and its environment.

Over the years we have been confronted by angry villagers frustrated at missing out on shared benefits. We have conducted village workshops to engage local communities. We have engaged a specialist architect to assist in developing a Military Heritage Master Plan for the Trail. We have established a philanthropic body to provide assistance in health, education and community development. We have met with Prime Ministers, Ministers and their officials to share our views. We have hosted PNG delegations to Australia.

During this time, we have submitted papers and published blogs to assist decision-makers in Australia and PNG with the reality of situations across the Trail along with our recommendations for protecting our wartime heritage and the environment for the economic benefit of local communities.

We invite those interested in protecting, honouring and interpreting our shared wartime heritage across the Trail for the economic benefit of local village communities to share their views on the links below: