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Interview with Rashmii Bell, Author of Roses At Eora Creek Score 0%

Interview with Rashmii Bell, Author of Roses At Eora Creek

This book project began a few months after I came off the Trail with Adventure Kokoda in August 2018. As a writer, I went on the Trail already knowing and prepared that I would be documenting my experience in some way. So when I returned home, I started by writing what was then published online as a seven-part series for the adult-reader audience.

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TREKKING KOKODA – Read all about it! Score 0%

TREKKING KOKODA – Read all about it!

Kokoda’ has emerged as the complete adventure experience for Australian baby-boomers and young adventurers. It requires physical stamina and mental tenacity. The wartime history evokes strong emotions. The unconditional care and support of local PNG guides and villagers is humbling. The environment is rugged, remote and pristine.

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Kokoda: A Trail of Woe

My greatest frustration over the past 27 years has been trying to explain the significance of the pilgrimage to those who have never trekked with a group led by professional military historians – particularly Australian and PNG officials charged with managing Kokoda tourism.

I therefore invited an author, Rashmii Amoah Bell, to join us for a trek to interpret the experience through the eyes of a PNG woman.

Rahsmii was given free reign to engage with guides, carriers, campsite owners, village womens groups, and other trekkers.

Her articles, titled ‘Kokoda: A Trail of Woe’ were published in Keith Jackson’s PNG Attitude Blog and are republished below.

Charlie Lynn

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