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Protecting our heritage

Kokoda is much more than a trek.  It is almost a spiritual journey for those who wish to connect to the historical significance of the Kokoda campaign. It is also an empathetic bridge for Australians and Papua New Guineans to better understand each other.


All you need to know! We specialise on the Kokoda Trail and do not trek to any other location. This section contains general information regarding a trek across the Kokoda Trail.

Adventure Kokoda

Inspiring personal reflections and trekker feedback from Adventure Kokoda programs and experience.


The Adventure Kokoda collection of interesting stories and articles dating back to 2008, each with a with a special focus on Kokoda.


Much has been written on the Kokoda campaign. This section comprises general speeches and papers on our wartime heritage by our Adventure Kokoda trek leaders and our associates.


We have established Network Kokoda as a Not-For-Profit company to honour the legacy of the wartime carriers by helping to meet their needs in agriculture, health, education and a sustainable economic future.

Kokoda Issues

Adventure Kokoda are strong advocates of the need to protect our shared Kokoda military heritage with local villagers across the trail. This section contains issues relating to commemoration and management of the Kokoda trekking industry.


General interest articles on the ‘land of a thousand cultures’ – our former territory, closest neighbour, wartime ally and fellow Commonwealth neighbours. It remains a ‘land of the unexpected’ and the world’s last adventure

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