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CHAPTER 1:  Executive Summary

CHAPTER 2:  My Kokoda Journey

CHAPTER 3:  A Hard Slog to Kokoda – Canberra Times

CHAPTER 4:  Proposal for a Master Plan to develop Kokoda as a National Memorial Park

CHAPTER 5:  Parliamentary Speeches by the Hon Charlie Lynn: 1998-2014

CHAPTER 6:  Proposal to carry the Olympic Torch across the Kokoda Trail 2000 Olympics

CHAPTER 7:  2005 Review of the Kokoda Track Authority

CHAPTER 8:  The Kokoda Track Foundation: 2003-2006

CHAPTER 9:  The Mt Kodu Goldmine

CHAPTER 10: Discussion Paper on the Kokoda trekking industry

CHAPTER 11: Proposal for a Kokoda Day Proclamation

CHAPTER 12: KTA Correspondence re Directors Fraud

CHAPTER 13: Australia assumes control of Kokoda tourism

CHAPTER 14: Official Naming Rights for the Kokoda Trail

CHAPTER 15: The Annette Dean Management Experiment

CHAPTER 16: The Rod Hillman Era of Mismanagement: 2009-2012

CHAPTER 17: The Mark Nizette Era of Influence: 2011-2023

CHAPTER 18: Kokoda: Beyond the Legend

CHAPTER 19: Kokoda: Time for a Rethink

CHAPTER 20: Response to the Kokoda Initiative Mid-Term Review

CHAPTER 21: Kokoda Trail Management: The Way Ahead

CHAPTER 22: Potential of a PNG Wartime Tourism Industry

CHAPTER 23: A Marketing Strategy for PNG Tourism

CHAPTER 24: Response to 2018 KTA Forum Minutes

CHAPTER 25: Response to the Kokoda Track Authority Review of 4 July 2018

CHAPTER 26: Response to the PNG National Military Heritage Plan for the Kokoda Track

CHAPTER 27: Databased Evaluation of the Kokoda Trekking Industry

CHAPTER 28: Response to 2019 KTA Forum Minutes

CHAPTER 29: Review of the Kokoda Initiative 2019 Report

CHAPTER 30: Call for an Inquiry into the management of the Kokoda Trail

CHAPTER 31: Chronology of Facts regarding the Kokoda Trail

CHAPTER 32: Review of the Oxford Policy Management Report on the Kokoda Initiative

CHAPTER 33: Conflict between management theory and practice in a Melanesian Context

CHAPTER 34: Review of the Proposed Kokoda Track Management Authority Bill

CHAPTER 35: Organizational Strategy for Kokoda Pilgrimage Tourism

CHAPTER 36: Proposed Joint Understanding for Military Heritage

CHAPTER 37: Unlawful Cancellation of Adventure Kokoda Tour Operator’s Licence

CHAPTER 39: Kokoda Trail Management: The Way Forward