Kokoda: The enemy within!

A 1400% increase in the number of Australians trekking Kokoda after the opening of the Isurava Memorial in 2002 would normally be hailed an outstanding result for PNG tourism, and our shared wartime heritage. But, for Canberra based envirocrats lurking in the corridors of power within Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA), it had all the hallmarks of an environmental armageddon!

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Owers Corner: Neglected Gateway to the Kokoda Trail

‘At the foot of the Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea you can look into the ancient landscape – majestic peaceful wilderness, nature in its full glory. There have been tracks across the mountains for thousands of years – the people who inhabit the region were gardening at the same time agriculture was developing in Ancient Egypt. The strength of natural and cultural heritage is beyond simple words; fascinating, awesome, daunting – world class.

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