Adventure Kokoda is a specialist Kokoda trekking company.  We focus on the military history of the Kokoda campaign and are dedicated to ensuring the heritage of the track is protected and preserved. 

Major Charlie Lynn first visited Kokoda in 1979 and began leading treks across it in 1991.  Charlie regards Kokoda as a neglected shrine and has written a number of papers urging the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments to have it established as a national memorial park.  In 2004 he commissioned a project team to develop a Strategic Plan for the Kokoda Trail.  This was presented to the PNG Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare on Anzac Day, 2006.

Kokoda is much more than a trek.  It is almost a spiritual journey for those who wish to connect to the historical significance of the Kokoda campaign. It is also an empathetic bridge for Australians and Papua New Guineans to better understand each other.