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Adventure Kokoda Charity

Charlie Lynn, who trekked Kokoda 101 times over a 32 year period, has come face-to-face with both emergency needs of villagers and their ongoing development needs.

During this period he established the Kokoda Track Foundation and Network Kokoda as philanthropic bodies to support their needs in education, health and agriculture.

In additions to this his company, Adventure Kokoda, has funded emergency evacuations and hospital treatment for village children in need of urgent care.

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Kokoda Day

Over the past decade 54,623 Australians, young and old, from all walks of life, have trekked across the Kokoda Trail. They are motivated by the significance of its military heritage and the lure of an adventure in the ‘land of the unexpected’.

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Interview with Rashmii Bell, Author of Roses At Eora Creek Score 0%

Interview with Rashmii Bell, Author of Roses At Eora Creek

This book project began a few months after I came off the Trail with Adventure Kokoda in August 2018. As a writer, I went on the Trail already knowing and prepared that I would be documenting my experience in some way. So when I returned home, I started by writing what was then published online as a seven-part series for the adult-reader audience.

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2019 Anzac ‘For Valour’ Speech for Network Kokoda

Network Kokoda – a Not-for-Profit charity established to honour our wartime heritage in Papua New Guinea – held its inaugural Anzac ‘For Valour’ luncheon in Parliament House Sydney on 5 April 2019. Keynote speaker was former Major-General, Senator Jim Molan AO DSC. The following presentation by founding Chairman and current Director of Network Kokoda, The Hon Charlie Lynn OAM OL (PNG), outlines the reasons for the establishment of the organization’.

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