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Adventure Kokoda Meals Score 0%

Adventure Kokoda Meals

The logistics involved in the purchase, storage, packing (by day and by meal lots), cooking, serving,and cleaning up are a major challenge as there are virtually no back-up facilities anywhere across the 138 km Kokoda Trail.

Our rationing system is therefore based on the purchase of all food from supermarkets in Port Moresby; the engagement of a specialist PNG catering crew; and a helicopter resupply half-way across the Trail.

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Adventure Kokoda Guides, Porters & Support Crews Score 0%

Adventure Kokoda Guides, Porters & Support Crews

‘I cannot say enough kind words about them. Throughout the entire trek I felt supported and knew that I could turn to them for help at any time. They were always in the right spot at the right time. They were so encouraging and only wanted to see me succeed. They have so much patience, I never felt rushed or scared because I knew they’d be there to help. They would encourage me to walk at my own pace and take as many breaks as I needed to succeed. Without them I would not have gotten as far as I did. I enjoyed listening to their stories about their families and knowledge of the trek and country.’

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Kokoda Testimonials: Veterans, Celebrities, Trekkers, Influencers Score 0%

Kokoda Testimonials: Veterans, Celebrities, Trekkers, Influencers

Kokoda is much more than a trek – it’s a pilgrimage to a special place for patriotic Australians from all walks of life in honour of our military heritage.

The apprehension of a visit to a ‘land of the unexpected’, a connection to just two of Papua New Guinea’s 800 cultures, and the challenge of a formidable, jungle-clad mountain environment to walk in the footsteps of the brave is a compelling drawcard.

The experience has left a lasting impression on those who have committed to it,

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Kokoda 2024 – Why Adventure Kokoda?

The Kokoda Trail is a place of pilgrimage for Adventure Kokoda. Our trek leaders have a combined total of 160 years professional military service in Papua New Guinea Defence Force, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. They have successfully led more than 600 expeditions across the Kokoda Trail over the past 32 years and trained our current generation of leaders in pilgrimage and expedition leadership.

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