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We are proud to support a Kokoda Day initiative to bring the book ‘Roses At Eora Creek’ to the children along the Kokoda Trail and surrounding communities on 3 November. Our goal is to deliver 500 books to young readers along the Trail and surrounding communities. Every copy of Roses At Eora Creek purchased at $25 will have the respective donors name inside; Adventure Kokoda will facilitate the delivery.

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The Kokoda Trail: Environment Vs Tourism

Prior to the 50th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign in 1992 tourists rarely trekked across the Kokoda Trail. An Anzac trek led by Major Charlie Lynn on the 50th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign reawakened Australia’s interest and generated some rare positive publicity for Papua New Guinea. Over the next few years Charlie’s Kokoda treks featured positive stories in every major television and media network throughout Australia – this led to a surge in interest in trekking across the Trail.

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Interview with Rashmii Bell, Author of Roses At Eora Creek

It has been three weeks since the release of Roses At Eora Creek and Adventure Kokoda are very pleased with the overwhelming response and positive feedback received.

Adventure Kokoda caught up with our collaborating author, Rashmii Bell, to have a brief chat about her process creating Roses At Eora Creek, and the wide reach the book has had since release.

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Network Kokoda banks on PNGs MiBank

Network Kokoda has established a Memo of Understanding with PNGs MiBank to provide financial literacy training for the local community at our Sogeri Women’s Learning Centre.

MiBank is a grassroots financial institution licensed by the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) to provide a savings opportunity for subsistence villagers and small business people in the informal economy.

Our initial financial literacy course involved 24 women and two young men from Sogeri, Vesilogo, Owers Corner, Crystal Rapids and Sirinumu village areas.

Subjects covered included:

Savings: You can do it
Savings: What are they and why save?
Savings: How to set goals
Budgeting: Using money wisely
Importance of budgeting
How to make a budget
Mobile Banking: Understanding the benefits of MiCash

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