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Interview with Rashmii Bell, Author of Roses At Eora Creek

This book project began a few months after I came off the Trail with Adventure Kokoda in August 2018. As a writer, I went on the Trail already knowing and prepared that I would be documenting my experience in some way. So when I returned home, I started by writing what was then published online as a seven-part series for the adult-reader audience.

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Wayne Wetherall: Exposed

Kokoda provided Wayne Wetherall an opportunity to transform himself from a suburban salesman into a self-proclaimed ‘adventurer, historian, explorer and philanthropist’ with a ‘passion for our soldiers’ – until he was summoned to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission where he faced a sordid raft of accusations about the dark side of his character.

Accusations that related to bullying, harassing and intimidating his female staff; targeting of vulnerable female trekkers; soliciting of sexual favours from female staff; fathering of an illegitimate child in PNG; and his exploitation of guides and porters on the Kokoda Trail.

The exposure in the QIRC was the antithesis of the ‘Kokoda Spirit’ he shamelessly promoted.

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