Adventure Kokoda received the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award for Top Kokoda Tour Operator in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and again in 2023

Adventure Kokoda pioneered Kokoda pilgrimage tourism 32 years ago

Since then, the company has led more than 660 expeditions with more than 7,500 Australians from all walks of life safely across the Kokoda Trail.

  • Adventure Kokoda trek leaders are expert in the military heritage aspects of the pilgrimage and trained in Remote Area First Aid.
  • All Adventure Kokoda tour groups are equipped with Sat Phones, VHF radios, and emergency First Aid Kits.
  • The company has a HQ base in Port Moresby with a rear link that provides for all trek groups to be monitored 24/7 when they are on the Trail.
  • Adventure Kokoda is the only tour company to have been awarded the top company by TripAdvisor since they began the award 10 years ago.
  • Adventure Kokoda is the only Kokoda tour company to use an equal number of guides and porters from each village across the Trail. This is a sound security measure and adds to the cultural enrichment of the pilgrimage.
  • The company has provided more philanthropic support to Kokoda Trail villagers than all other tour companies combined.

In 2015, Adventure Kokoda founder, Charlie Lynn, was inducted as an Officer of the Logohu by the PNG Government in their New Years’ Honours List ‘for service to the bilateral relations between Papua New Guinea and Australia and especially in the development of the Kokoda Trail and its honoured place in the history of both nations’ over the past 25 years.

In 2019 he was inducted as a Member of the Order of Australian for his service to the Parliament of New South Wales.

Happy Adventure Kokoda Trekkers . . .

Elle Hamilton:

Sent: Tuesday, 10 May 2011 3:06 PM
Subject: Trekking Is Really Just Walking – Finally Something on Kokoda!

I know if may come as shock to some of you, but I have paid employment….. yes, that little pressure that rears its ugly head demanding service in exchange for the blessed mortgage payment….but I am sorry to all those folks who have sent me niggling emails (ever-so-slightly short of death threats) demanding an ‘update’ on Kokoda….so finally here it is, though only a cropped version! 

And actually, this time writing the travel (b)log has been tough! Having been at Kokoda…smelt it, walked it, felt it, damned it to hell…. I find myself struggling to find appropriate words…Kokoda is awesome. Everything about it is simply awesome. And I would suggest I’m suitably ‘well-travelled’ enough to make such an authoritative statement. But, you are right year-10 English teacher, I should start at the start…

‘I expected the jungle to be difficult. I did not expect to nearly perish en-route. After being welcomed by a suite of armed guards at the Moresby airport (they were waiting for someone important), the travel ‘group’ was cobbled together and loaded into a barely-roadworthy bus to be ferried up to the top of the world – well at least the top of a whopping big mountain overlooking Port Moresby and home to our ‘Lodge’ for the night. The roads were atrocious – narrow and steep…leaving the bus driver to play a dodgem game between treacherous potholes the size of Russia and volcanic rock boulders that had crashed down from the mountains above.

But PNG ‘culture’ was immediately evident… locals strewn across the edges of the roads selling all sorts of produce, but especially the coveted green beetle nut. A brilliant red colour inside – the nut is something like chewing-tobacco, though the ‘drug’ effect is not like a tobacco hit so much as creating the same sort of ‘haze’ one might have seen during the old 1970s green-leaf parties. The ‘red’ PNG smile is everywhere – but the point is, there are lots of smiles… and waves. The locals are very enthusiastic about waving to a bus-load of tourists. Its hard to believe that if I ventured out on my own I’d be bailed up for my wallet within a few steps….Moresby is very much compound-living, with an extraordinary crime rate due to the exponential gap between rich and poor. But on the flip side, there is plenty of innovation to boast about – for example, the locals don’t bother with a car-wash, they simply drive their car into a rushing river and give it a bit of a tub up in the stream.

‘So night one is done. Backpacks have been unpacked and repacked with appropriate guidance. Our group has nervously chatted about what is to come and stocked up on a last big meal. Our trek leaders have given us the logistical and historical brief to prepare us mentally. And now it is time to try to sleep through the apprehension – amid the loud chorus of tropical insects piping through the louvered windows.

‘Trekking is really just hard walking. 

‘If you research how ‘hard’ the Kokoda trail is to trek, you will be greeted by a proliferation of websites advising preparation ranging from a couple of 30 minute walks each week, all the way through to a training scheme fit for the AFL. The answer is somewhere in the middle. Kokoda is bloody hard work. After a few days of climbing endless mountains that almost required rock-climbing equipment, or trudging through hours of mud that sucked around my ankles and calves, every muscle in my body seemed ‘amplified’. Indeed, making my way down sheer cliffs (i.e. one such place is called ‘The Wall’ for a reason….) was even more demanding. My knees packed up. I couldn’t really make my drivers work any more. Getting up and down from a seat on the ground at morning tea became a big deal – actually, most forms of movement filled me with fear. Sweat constantly poured off me. My entire body was completely and constantly saturated, and all sorts of things rubbed, chaffed, blistered, peeled and generally broke. But it really was just walking.

‘Each day, the trek leaders give you a vague idea of the plans (pains) of the day ahead – the starting point on the map, the finishing line. I loosely calculated the day’s ascents and descents, and compared them to the day before to determine whether it was to be an ‘easier’ day. But it was all in vain. Whatever way I intended to give myself ease from the dread, I inevitably failed. As the days passed, the terrain felt tougher – wetter, darker, more slippery, denser, steeper. There always seemed a greater number of fallen trees to have to clamber around, more moss to slip on, or more stinging ‘things’ (poison ivy, bees, thorny flowers, march flies) that jumped out to bite me. I’d spend hours with every muscle in my body tensioned in an attempt to stay upright, but to no avail. I constantly hit the deck giving me another bloodied cut somewhere, or purple bruise on my bum. 

‘And as the extreme novelty began to wane, the days lengthened – that last hour to camp was always more and more grinding and passed more and more slowly. But, in contrast, my mind also took on a new life of its own. Often I’d find myself drifting in and out of realisation about where I was or what I was doing. I’d climb endless mountains, struggling to keep my lungs filled with enough air, only to be shocked when I emerged to an opening on some high crest. It would seem like only moments ago the group had set out right at the bottom…and yet people would tell me we’d been climbing for more than an hour. 

‘I really had almost entered another level of conscience. By day three I could barely recall the details of day one, but I’d resolved some fundamental ‘theoretical’ challenge that had been irking me for months on my half-written PhD. Similarly, I sorted out my career plan, a five-year investment strategy and the colour scheme for my next house. What a pity I can’t remember what all those plans were – instead, now that I’m back, all I can think of doing is heading back to PNG to walk the trail again!

‘Life on the trail.

‘Most people in my group (about 15 of us) had a ‘personal porter’. These were local PNG folk employed to carry the bulk of someone’s personal gear (up to 12 kilos). The personal porters were flanked by other local ‘crew’ to form the entire trek group – cooks, medics, guards, head guides and camping gear carriers. These guys had themselves walked into Moresby from their remote villages scattered throughout the Owen Stanley Ranges. They’d then trek with us from Ower’s Corner to Kokoda, get flown back to Moresby, to then face the often 2 or 3 day walk home.

‘Fit and tough, and equally shy and retiring, the porters were the sole reason most of us were able to complete the trek. In addition to bearing the ‘weight’ of what was required to get by each day, they built bridges to cross rivers, cut the way through overgrown paths, and patched cuts and bruises (or in my case, caked me with mud when I was attacked by a group of bees that stung me from head to toe). Mostly though, they were sure-footed and calm. As each of us took our turn in trying to slip to our deaths down some incredibly steep ‘edge’ whilst trying to navigate some ridiculously narrow path, a black hand would shoot out from the darkness and wrench our backpacks back to safety…. invariably meaning our useless white bodies would follow. 

‘And each night, as we dragged our exhausted and broken bodies into camp, the tents would be pitched, the fire in the thatched kitchen hut would be lit ready to dry wet socks, and the billy would be on the boil for hot chocolate or tea. As time passed, characters would emerge and friendships were formed. By far the highlight of those wonderful porters though was their singing. As with groups of kids in schools at various villages along the way, the porters had a natural harmony and enjoyed singing as a group. On a few lucky nights, when we had all retired to our tents to try to recover from the toil of the day, the group would be sent off to sleep by the porters singing from their huts in unison – drowning out the constant patter of rain on our tents.

‘Really, life on the trail was all about packing, walking, drinking, eating, cleaning, unpacking and sleeping. The routine included getting into camp as quickly as possible, heading down to the stream to douse yourself in antibacterial wash before the agonising gasp of dipping into the icy depths, followed by scrubbing all the mud from boots, gaters and poles. Then there was the scramble to secure the ‘prime real estate’ on the ropes hung directly above the fire – the only way to guarantee dry socks the next day. And then came the evening meal and general relaxation, though for me, this meant the evening diary written under the light of my head-torch….fighting off the various tropical bugs trying to land squarely on my eyeballs.

‘The food was great – plates were piled high with pasta, rice and other high-carb meals. All meals were hot – morning tea, lunch, dinner. There was an additional plentiful supply of snacks – cream biscuits, cheese, you name it. I was never hungry…..indeed, one night, when all hope had escaped me and I was quietly thinking of ways to break a limb in order to be mercifully evacuated by chopper, Charlie Lynn, trek leader and Adventure Kokoda owner sat alongside me….apparently he recognised my plight, as within moments he had provided some liquid gold in my plastic camp mug which restored my faith in humanity. We sat by the campfire, discussing the nature of things, and sipping on our Baileys….that night, I discovered a new kind of heaven on earth.

‘Those ragged bloody heroes.

‘Many authors – past and present – have written the story of Kokoda. Regardless of the military or historical accuracy in their work, nearly all of them are united in their awe of our Kokoda soldiers – these men showed a spirit that disregarded oppression, endurance that defied mortality, and strength that conquered the impossible. They were bold in their tactics, and steadfast in their resolve. Those ragged bloody heroes fought to keep our last line of defence intact in the most treacherous and challenging conditions of any war fought by Australians before them. Weary soldiers were taken to the precipice that sits between life and death by simply being in Kokoda – and then they were asked to fight. And the fight was against a Japanese force who knew no surrender, who were many times the number of Australians, and who resorted to cannibalism against their own in order to ‘hold’ their invading position.

‘And in the morning, we did remember them. We had flown back over our walk of some 150kms or so in a light aircraft from the simple Kokoda airstrip back to Port Moresby. That night, we celebrated our success and in the morning, well before dawn, we assembled at Bomana war cemetery for the most moving Anzac Day Dawn Service that I’ve ever attended. Amid some 4000 Commonwealth and Allied graves, I paid homage to our fallen and tribute to our flag. The sacrifice of Australians at war was made real by my experience. The density of the jungle, the heat of the sun, the oppression of the wet – I went some way to feeling their pain and desperation. But, equally, I also finally got it. Courage. Endurance. Mateship. Sacrifice.


‘If ever you are going to do something, do Kokoda. Words like ‘exhilarating’ undersell the experience. But be clear on your reasons for going. Don’t walk Kokoda for the challenge. Go do Base Camp or some sort of Amazon trek for that. Go to Kokoda for respect. Go for history. Go because you are proudly Australian. The ‘challenge’ is not the goal – it simply augments the fact that we were fighting on our territory and for our territory against an insidious enemy.

‘And, my final word, be wary of ‘who’ you choose to trek with. Many a corrupt trekking company have popped up on the back of the Australian tourist. PNG regulations are clearly relaxed in this area. In terms of safety, reducing ecological ‘impact’, supporting the PNG locals, and really experiencing the  authentic ‘war trail’ (instead of the well-trodden ‘eco trail’), choose a well-respected company who have genuine roots in the area. I cannot recommend Adventure Kokoda highly enough.


Sarah Caskie:

Chad, is amazing. Without him the trek wouln’t be as enjoyable, fun, informative and fulfilling. He has a real talent for bringing you into the moment with stories, anecdotes, songs and poems. His knowledge is outstanding and you finish having done so much more than a trek in the jungle. Many times I had tears in my eyes at the end of another stirring poem. His energy, positive attitude, and passion for the story of Kokoda is infectious.

Adventure Kokoda General Manager, Tracie Watson, at Owers Corner with Carley Voss

Andrew Flanagan:

‘Charlie- your passion, knowledge and devotion to the trail, villages, carriers and trekkers is legendary!

‘You did not disappoint despite living up to such a lofty reputation. Your humour was perfect for the conditions. Your poem at Isurava had me in tears. I love Australian military history and you imparted your knowledge effectively, enabling me to fully understand the strategic situation in each battle location.

‘Ground of tactical importance’ explanation was perfect!

‘Peter- great depth of knowledge, I really enjoyed our ‘what if’ conversation re WW2. Peter has a well-rounded knowledge of the campaign and made himself available to all trekkers as they slogged away. Very supportive……

‘I chose to trek with AK as I felt through my research of trek companies that your military perspective would be the best, and I was not disappointed.

‘I hope to trek again in 2013 with my father-in-law and 13 y/o son, and then again in the future with my other 5 children. I doubt that this is financially possible with AK so in a way this trek was invaluable research, I thought I had a good foundation of knowledge however your insights put this knowledge into context (eg ground of tactical importance). I am determined to have my 6 children ‘walk in the footsteps of the brave’…….as a parent I believe that the benefits of them doing this are massive!

‘My dream ‘job’ is to be a trek 2IC or support history guide on larger treks… think there are many benefits to having additional history guides on larger groups so that trekkers have the benefit of ongoing mini-briefings or just generally have someone there to answer questions. I know on our trek many trekkers did not notice a weapons pit for the entire 10 days, let alone understand why pits were sited where they were! I was also asked such things as “Where is Milne Bay and why did the Japanese want it or What does NX mean in a service number?” With level 2 First Aid, a great foundation of historical knowledge, 20 years experience in leading school camps, high level of physical fitness, employment as a teacher, successful sports coach (AFL and basketball) and passion for Australian military history I believe that I would be an asset to any trekking company, but especially one as professional as AK. I hope one day to be involved in an official capacity on a trek with my children, sharing my passion for Kokoda and our military history. I would gladly do this for no remuneration.

‘Once again, many thanks for what was a wonderful experience…….choosing Adventure Kokoda for my first Kokoda Trail trek was a fortunate choice indeed.

‘Andrew Flanagan

Charlie Baldry:

Dear Charlie,

‘Thank you for making my experience walking the Kokoda Trail so memorable. I believe it will be 10 days that stay with me for the rest of my life.

‘For me it had it all, emotionally moving, physically challenging, historically interesting, breathtakingly beautiful, and really good fun. To have the opportunity to experience all this with George made it all the more special. In saying this it just would not have been the same without you inspirational leadership. Your detailed knowledge, relaxed positive attitude, moving recitals made it a pilgrimage (as you promised) rather than a tough walk in the jungle. But what impressed me most was the life changing education you gave the boys (and fathers) and your interest, concern and positive programmes you have implemented under trying circumstances for the local people.

‘The motivational leadership addresses you gave to the boys will have a big impact on those 17 soon to be young men who were privileged to have the opportunity to hear and spend time with you at such an impressionable age.  I believe the young men who’s ‘Endurance-Courage-Mateship-Sacrifice’ we remember as we walk the Trail would be pleased the high example they set would be used to help educated our young leaders of today. I was very proud of the way the boys (particularly George) handled the tough conditions with enthusiasm, good spirit and the without complaint.

‘A few times stand out for me. The talk you gave us over looking Eora Creek was one. I found it particularly moving.  We where fortunate to witness this beautiful location on a stunning day.  Its hard to imagine so many young men died in appalling conditions on that very spot, and as you rightly pointed out our Governments have done nothing to recognise their sacrifice.

‘That memorable second day is another. I think it was 12 hours with incredible steep descents, equally tough climbs, and it top it off torrential  rain with the last couple of hours in the dark. Looking back I would have felt cheated not to experience such conditions. But the most memorable moment of that day was the sight of Dick carrying two packs running past me in the pouring rain as I struggled across a swollen creek wondering why he was in such a hurry. Hearing later that after dropping the packs he then ran back to help Bruce and Ben into camp. I think that action sums up the spirit of your porters and the loyalty and dedication you instil in them. They are indeed great ambassador’s for their people.

Thank you again for a wonderful, wonderful experience. Next time your down in Cootamundra be sure to give me a call (0428 432611) I’d love to have the opportunity to share another .

‘Kind regards
‘Charlie Baldry

Dr. David Dunn:

Dear Charlie.

‘I have been profoundly moved and affected by the Kokoda experience. I went thinking it would be a physical challenge and a bit of an adventure . . . how wrong was I! A physical challenge it certainly was but this was a minor issue to what Anna and I experienced. The history, the emotion, the Papuans . . . it will never leave me now . . . I am still trying to put it all together in my mind . . . but at the same time, passionate to make a difference. You have touched Anna and I with your enthusiasm, passion and history . . . I will never forget your recital of WX Unknown on that misty night at Brigade Hill at 8.30 pm.

‘Charlie, thank you for such a splendid experience . . . one we shall both carry to the grave. You have empowered us to do something . . . correct a wrong perhaps . . . to facilitate the Kokoda story being told to our children and thereafter to all Australians and to have appropriate memorials to these diggers who all fought under such hardship for the freedom we enjoy today.

Tyler Belamy: RSL Clubs Youth Leadership Challenge

I walked Kokoda September last year (2008) as a pilgrimage to my two uncles, who were buried in Bomana War Cemetery. I was the first descendent to visit their graves.

My story begins with a close relationship to my grandfather, Cyril Manusu whose three brothers fought on the Kokoda Trail. Two of the brothers, Gary Eric Manusu and Perry Manusu 2/1st Battalion were killed in heavy attacks at Eora Creek only days apart on 23rd and 27th October.  A third brother, Percy Baldwin Manusu was sent home from New Guinea suffering malaria and scrub typhus.  Percy was so ill he was left out with the dead for days before someone saw him respond to the rats eating him.

It is said that Percy was sent home to console a grieving mother. He was later sent back to train troops and their mother, Betsy, died from a broken heart. His brother, Homer Manusu, returned home from leave and was killed whilst riding his bike and was hit by the local milk truck.

Percy returned home a broken man.  He never married and never had children.

My grandfather was the only son of five Manusu boys who went on to marry and have children.

So my trip to Kokoda started with a curiosity and memories of small stories of my uncles.  The trip became even more important when one of the old locals described the gory details of my uncles last moments. The walk made the whole story become so real and so sad. At Eora Creek I could picture my Uncle Guy fighting and warning his friend of an oncoming grenade, only to see it bounce off a vine and kill Uncle Guy.

I could see the trenches where my Uncle Percy must have fired in after he was shot in the groin, knowing he couldn’t be carried out to medical attention, bled to death slowly and his last breath was a puff on a requested cigarette (he had never smoked in his whole life).

I could imagine the frustration of the isolation Uncle Percy would have felt, knowing his dead brothers were so close, and he couldn’t take responsibility for their bodies. Sitting in the rain and wondering how he could face his family.

All of their suffering became so real to me, and even now I wonder what may have been if they survived and returned home to their sweethearts and loved ones.  I wonder how happy my family would have been.  I wonder how the whole community were affected.

On return from Kokoda, I commenced testing to join the army.  I am still waiting for my medical in Newcastle.  I work at K.F.C. and help look after my frail grandmother.  I volunteer my spare time at the Frank Partridge War Memorial and this Anzac Day, I was proud to lead the march on behalf of my uncles.

My next goal is to return to Eora Creek and lay a plaque on behalf of the 2/1st Battalion.  I am also trying hard to find and recover my uncles lost medals.

The most important think I brought back was the determination to keep the Anzac spirit alive for generations to come, and to encourage others both in my family and in the community to keep the memory of these brave soldiers alive.

Tyler Bellamy
18 Years
Marrickville NSW

Donna Bauer MP:

Kokoda was the ultimate Eco experience – pristine rainforest and jungle that changes each day.
The toughest physical and mental challenge I have completed
Local children were a delight at the villages we passed through.
A pilgrimage along a very special trail to all Australians.
Often I felt like I was part of a National Geographic documentary with scenery, stories, birdlife, music and songs from the carriers
Our carriers were compassionate, caring and attentive, always smiling and I loved that they were direct descendants of the original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels
I found the trek an amazing and spiritual experience –to retrace The Kokoda Campaign fought over jungle tracks across the Owen Stanley Range from July – November 1942, and to learn that. Jungle warfare was the type of warfare Australia had never before experienced.

The Hon Jihad Dib MP: Former headmaster Punchbowl High School

The trek rates as one of the most incredible experiences.  I have traveled many countries and under a variety of conditions, however, never have I felt as satisfied as when I completed this journey.  I suppose, two weeks after the event, I have seen the changes in perspective and the way I have approached things in life.  The trek was not about the physical aspect; the historical and emotional awakening far outweighed this.

I have since recommended to all and sundry this trip and especially with Adventure Kokoda. How fortunate am I ? I experienced something so important to our national fabric and had my own personal historian guide me through one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of my life.
Thank you Charlie, I will never forget the experience you created for the group and the better person you have helped me become.

Jason Marston:

Chad was an outstanding leader with relevant real time commentary along the trek. This made a huge improvement of my grasp of the real nature the task at hand to our ragged bloody heroes and thus a huge element of my enjoyment. His leadership given to ensure the support staff were kept to their tasks was discreet yet effective. Bernie was excellent in his support. Pat is a natural leader of his countrymen and that is definitely required at times.

Mark and Olivia Bromley:

Charlie, you are amazing! Your knowledge and passion for the track, and the villages was inspirational. Your dawn service at Isurava was not only the highlight of our trip, but one of the most moving experiences of our lives. We are completely fulfilled, and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed! Wouldn’t be dead for quid’s!
Thank you for the most amazing experience of our lives. This was the best thing we have ever done. In the end the jungle must have got to us, because we can’t stop thinking or talking about it, and just want to go back! The trek exceeded all expectations, even though we were expecting big things. We not only learnt so much about the war, and the people and communities along the track, but also about ourselves and each other. Our appreciation and absolute admiration for the diggers who fought on Kokoda, and the fuzzy wuzzys who supported them is enormous. We have no doubts that we trekked with the best company on the track. Thank you again,

Phil Moffitt on Lieutenant Colonel Rowan Tracey:

Great intimate knowledge of the events of 66 years ago. Appeared to prepare well for each day with notes. Passionate about the history of the track. Good communicators with the PNG trek leaders and carriers. Mixed well with trekkers and helpful on additional information when questioned

…Four things that stood out for me as essential – proper trekking boots (I had the Adventure Kokoda style – excellent), ¾ length poncho with hood, vented shirt and extra sleeping mat. “Comfort” by day and “relief” at night. Keep the arrival treat at Ower’s Corner. The trek notes and diary were a great idea to read back through and capture just how you were feeling at the time. The de-brief back at the hotel allowed trekkers the opportunity to personally reflect on how much they had achieved, developed a much greater appreciation of what events took place some 66 years ago, the hardships  and the sacrifices made by so many soldiers.

The chance meeting of Charlie Lynn was also a special moment. Many thanks to Rowan and Ron for their leadership and giving trekkers the confidence to meet the challenges head on. 

Justin: Kokoda Trail October 2023

We completed the Kokoda trail with trek leader Jake Leske and 2IC Brody Murray from 03/10/23 – 12/10/23. It was a fantastic adventure. Learned heaps about the battle history of Kokoda and would highly recommend the trek with Adventure Kokoda to anybody that is thinking about doing it. The porters are absolutely amazing and are with you every step of the journey. Good was good and the views are awesome. Do yourself a favour and book this trip of a lifetime!

Colin W: Aug 2023

Physically, mentally and emotionally life altering. A must for all Australians

Everyone from the trek leaders to the support staff were incredibly. Trek leaders Dave sherry and Jake Leske are outstanding. Not only did they support us in the physical aspect of the track but also the mental and emotional. The experience they create by immersing you into the history and sacrifice of those before us is is truly life changing and is something that will be remembered forever .A must for all Australians and in my opinion Adventure Kokoda would be the only organisation to share that experience with . I cannot thank each and every individual associated enough they truly are amazing.

amanda b: Sydney, Australia – Aug 2023 • Couples

Adventure Kokoda what an amazing experience.

No words can describe this amazing experience. Dave’s knowledge of the history of the kokoda trail and his poems immersed us into the hardships the diggers faced. Jake’s ongoing encouragement at low points was exactly what was needed to power on and get there. Dave and Jake never gave up on me when the going got tough and that truly made the difference between giving up and getting on with it.
The porters were completely respectful and encouraging. The work these men do for us was amazing and as a woman i never felt uncomfortable in the presence of the porters and guides. They truly are angels watching over our shoulders catching us before we fall. My porter truly did spoil me with making sure i had water at all times and making sure i didnt need for anything. The guides and porters were always good for a laugh or just a chat about their culture.
Highly reccomend Adventure Kokoda from the moment of booking Tracie was a wealth of knowledge and always had time to answer questions. Getting off the plane in PNG being met with friendly smiles of the adventure kokoda staff truly made for a relaxed and easy transition to the hotel. The food along the track was plentiful and we were never left hungry.
If I was ever to trek Kokoda again I would 100% go with Adventure Kokoda again. The extra day to explore plane wrecks was something I’ve not seen any other company offer and made for an amazing extra experience.

Stephanie S Aug 2023 • Friends

Adventure of a lifetime!

I had the best time trekking with Adventure Kokoda. Everything ran smoothly with transfers to/from the hotel and track, and the accommodation in Port Moresby was clean and comfortable. The effort they go to to organise food supplies that not only last the whole trek, but also cater to the groups requirements is just wonderful.

All the local PNG staff – the Porters, cooks, equipment carriers etc were absolutely outstanding with how they helped and cared for each and every one of us. This kind of experience would not be possible without them.

The cherry on top was the insight into the history of the Kokoda campaign that was shared with us by our trek leader Peter. The emotion and passion he conveyed when retelling stories and reciting poetry added so much more to the overall experience. He helped me walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us and our country.

I would highly recommend trekking with Adventure Kokoda to anyone who is wanting the full Kokoda experience.

: July 2023 – Sydney, Australia

A first class experience!

Excellent trip, everything went very smoothly. Dave Sherry was a great trek leader, very informative on the history and empathetic (indeed waxing poetic) on the diggers’ experience and also an excellent, wise and kind leader of our group. AK take very good care of the local porters, checking they were not overloaded and anxious as to their arrangements in camp. The food is camping food but well prepared and hygiene etc was excellent. It was very nice to have someone else pitch and strike the tents ever day after a long time walking. I travelled with my 16 years old and he was made very welcome and supported as well. Kokoda can be pretty intimidating before hand and I feel we made a really good choice of company.

Rod D: June 2023

Walking Kokoda – a challenging, experience

My choice to walk the Kokoda trail with Adventure Kokoda was based on recommendations from friends who’d previously travelled with them and it was an excellent decision. Our trek leader, Peter Morrison, provided our group with interesting accounts of significant battles, stories (and poetry) from the soldiers which helped us to better understand the horrific conditions these soldiers (and the locals) endured. The support crew were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they shared their personal stories about their lives which made for a more authentic experience. Moreover, Adventure Kokoda treat their crew with respect, a fair wage & inclusiveness, all of which were important considerations for me.
From beginning to end, it was an outstanding trekking experience and nothing missed a beat. We did see other trekking groups along the trail and in my opinion, good though they possibly were, the decision to go with Adventure Kokoda was the best decision I made.

Sam John Haywood: Apr 2023

Highlights, Hopes, & Kit Tips

Extremely useful: Seal Skins socks (likely would have contracted foot fungi without them), trekking poles (likely would have blown my previously injured knee without them), and a breathable shirt (likely would have suffered from prickly heat without it).

Would I recommend it? Bloody oath.

Should you train? Would you run a marathon without training?

Highlights: Charlie Lynn’s on-track commentary, Craig Moffatt’s leadership and military knowledge, the setting of Bomana War Cemetery (not so much the service…too much about post nominals, not enough about fallen diggers), and Isurava war memorial (eerily moving).

My hopes: Australia and Papua New Guinea’s bond (at the highest level between the nations, and at the lowest level between people) continues to strengthen through shared military history, that PNG is granted a team in the Australian NRL, that my Porter Laula remains healthy and happy, and Charlie Lynn is successful in his endeavour to elevate the Kokoda Trail in its quality and status as a tourism destination, despite the odds.

Hemant M
: San Francisco, CA

Beautiful and hard hike with excellent support from Adventure Kokoda.

The Kokoda track features a strenuous hike in beautiful rainforest and immerses you in deep World War II history.

I did the 8 day trek with Adventure Kokoda, and was very happy with the logistics, organization, support, and the attention to detail.

Besides the well organized trip, on a personal level I had some special circumstances that Adventure Kokoda helped with. They were kind enough to apply the deposit of my wife’s trip to my fees as she could not join. They arranged a Port Moresby tour showing highlights of the city, since I had arrived a day early, they helped with selecting and packing my gear, getting the tea tree oil and antifungal creams which turned out to be essential for the trip.

Adventure Kokoda has operated this adventure hike for a very long time, and are a well-established company with very good staff, and I highly recommend you consider going with them if you’re choosing to enjoy this adventure.

Anthony C: Mar 2023

If you are considering trekking Kokoda, look no further than Adventure Kokoda

From the outset, Adventure Kokoda were fantastic. Tracie (manager) was amazing, with detailed preparation checklists, swiftly answering questions, and even arranging Adventure Kokoda polo-shirts so we were recognised on arrival in PNG.

We were fortunate to have Charlie and Craig as guides leading the trek – both are truly inspiring. Charlie was a ‘walking encyclopedia’ of historical knowledge, bringing the war-time experience to life, and the events that the Australian Diggers endured more than 81 years ago. Craig shared his amazing military experience, from the morning reveille to evening briefings, leading the trek group from the front.

Adventure Kokoda care about their porters and carriers. I saw firsthand they were provided quality equipment, a maximum carrying limit, and treated as part of the ‘family’.

Adventure Kokoda has a genuine interest in supporting local villages and encouraging relationship building on our shared history. Charlie (and many of the trekkers) brought educational and medical supplies to the local villages. They in turn thanked us with beautiful songs. It was humbling and heart-warming to hear.

Trekking Kokoda is physically and mentally challenging, incredibly rewarding, and a great pilgrimage to those who fought for us. Adventure Kokoda’s professionalism, from arrival in PNG, throughout the trek, to the moving Anzac Day ceremony at the Bomana War Cemetery, was exceptional.

Thanks to all the team at Adventure Kokoda for this fantastic experience.

Abbie B: Apr 2023 • Couples

Bucket list experience with the best company on the trail!

Words will never quite describe this experience. We did a lot of research prior to booking, particularly regarding which company to go with. We found Adventure Kokoda to have the most genuine interest in supporting PNG locals and encouraging relationship building on our shared history.

From the outset, they were fantastic to deal with. We received responses within 24 hours to any query we had, including over weekends. We had the pleasure of completing the trek with Charlie and Craig – it was an amazing experience and they supported us the entire way. The level of detail and storytelling regarding the war history along the Kokoda Trail was very significant. The PNG locals who supported our trip were amazing, and it was very apparent that they were well looked after by Adventure Kokoda. Charlie was passionate about seeing the money make it’s way directly to the villages, which was really wonderful to see.

We were well looked after throughout the entire experience. I felt safe and supported at all times. Such a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone – don’t go with any other tour company!

Thanks to all the team at Adventure Kokoda for this amazing experience.

Antony ‘Pants’ Haywood: Alice Springs, Australia – Apr 2023

Tough and awe inspiring journey..

What an experience! I was so glad to have done some research and decided on using Adventure Kokoda for the 10 day trek with Charlie and Craig.

They did not disappoint.We (my Son and I) started this trek with complete strangers and ended it with a heap of newfound friends, who shared both the physical and mental day to day challenges together. Everyone supported each other and got us through some tough grinds both up and down… “all you need to do is lunges” my mate who had done it 10 years before kept telling me… I didn’t and he was right!!!! The ups’s just kept going to the clouds it seemed and the downs were very slippery and technical but one step in front of the other and you will make it to the end.

Charlie was an inspiration and the stories he told kept us entertained (both Happy and Sad) on the Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice that our Diggers made in that beautiful Tropical quagmire more than 81 years ago.Craig kept us thoroughly entertained and informed during the day and night had some great stories to tell of his service.

If you are thinking of getting yourself a Personal Carrier/ Porter, do it, as you will find it will be the best thing you have ever invested in! They were worth their weight in gold, both assisting tired old legs to get one more step higher and jelly knees just one more step down amongst the miriad of tree roots and slippery slippery clay mud and catching you when your bum is about the hit the deck for the umpteenth time!!

Isurava Dawn Service was very moving and one of the highlights of our trip.Another few things that is a must to take is trekking poles x 2 ( you will thank me later) and get hold of some Seal Skinz waterproof socks… both worth their weight too..

Overall a fantastic experience and though very challenging in parts, when the going got tough everyone supported each other to get over that next false crest or down that slippery slope. The PNG jungle and Ranges are breathtakingly beautiful as are the well kept villages with super friendly people. The bananas, pineapple, passion fruit and paw paw are next level…

It was an honour and a privilege to be with Charlie on his 101st ( and possibly last trek??). What an amazing man whose vision and persistence created the opportunity to open up the Kokoda Trail for thousands of Aussies to then complete a pilgrimage that we will all be forever grateful to honour and remember those brave and courageous men of the 39th Militia Battalion and 2/14th, 2/16th, 2/27th and 2/53rd Battalions and all those who fought, died and survived this ‘Bloody Track’ against enormous odds and should never be forgotten. We should also never forget the bravery, strength and determination of those ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ who saved so many diggers lives carrying them back to safety when wounded and also bringing up ammo and supplies in conditions that can only be described as ‘mind boggling’..Lest We Forget..

David P Apr 23

Toughest Experience of My Life

This trek was something that I have planned for 3 years and I didn’t disappoint me. While it was physically tough and days 2 and 3 were very demanding, my appreciation of what our Diggers and porters went through in 1942 is very, very high. Despite being damp most of the time, I never let it affect my mental toughness. Our leaders were knowledgeable, especially Fiona, who organized all the tasks around camp and was a tower of strength. Reg’s knowledge of the campaign is amazing. The service at Isurava battlefield was emotional, especially when the porters sang their native songs and the PNG National Anthem. It was great that Reg and Fiona organized each of us to read a poem or verse at the different memorials. What I saw of other trekking companies’ performance on the trail left me in no doubt that Adventure Kokoda is the company to do the trail with.

Jack: Oct 2022

Adventure Kokoda is the experience you are after

I completed the 10 day Kokoda trek with Adventure Kokoda. Pete Morrison was our trek leader for the journey. He did a great job of explaining each important milestone of the campaign the diggers went through. He provided in depth historic information, personal recounts and recited heart wrenching poems all by heart. His passion and knowledge of the Kokoda campaign shone throughout and would always allow time after to reflect on the information he shared with our group.

Donald and Tracie behind the scenes ensured we were well prepared and up to date of what we needed to do. Communicating with us from the moment we booked till we were back on Australian soil. Experts in their field.

The local PNG porters and carriers were worth their weight in gold. True masters of their environment. I was unsure if I should get a personal porter but glad I did. Not only did Sam help carry some weight, but he helped me down some of the most challenging terrain like very slippery clay slopes or large step ups on steep inclines.

The food throughout the trek was great, more than we could eat. It gave us exactly what we needed breakfast, lunch and dinner to get through the long days of hiking. And provided with a smile from our Head Cook – Freddie (THANK YOU- WELCOME).

Adventure Kokoda and Pete care about their porters and carriers. We saw this throughout the trip that their wellbeing is looked after. They are provided sleeping bags and mats. They also have a max carrying limit to ensure they can keep working for the company well into the future. We saw the contrast of this with other trekking companies was carriers clearly being overloaded and without their own sleeping equipment. Adventure Kokoda seems to pay the carriers well for their work and felt good to support a family for assisting me on my journey.

Overall the journey was one I will remember forever and cannot speak highly enough of the experience Pete and Adventure Kokoda provided.

Sean R: Aug 2022 – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

A once in a lifetime experience.

My trip with Adventure Kokoda was more than 20 years in the planning with my good mate Tim (life got in the way) but I am very glad I did it with Adventure Kokoda and with Scott Babington. Scott was well organised, friendly and knowledgeable. The experience of trekking through this part of PNG was like nothing else I have ever experienced.

As a military history nut, I really enjoyed the attention to the events from 1942. Scott was very knowledgeable and was gave us briefs relating the events of 1942 to the ground where we stood. He was exceptionally well prepared and a great bloke to trek with.

Travelling with a team that valued the well-being of the porters and didn’t overload them was a very important plus for me. I felt bad having someone else carry part of my gear, but the care and respect that was shown for the porters made that much easier to live with.

We went from South to North (Owers corner to Kokoda) I am glad we went this way – it put us at Isurava on the 2nd last day of the trek. This was the emotional high point of the trip and having a dawn service there was so moving.

Absolutely recommend Adventure Kokoda and Scott Babington in particular.

Jamie: Oct 2022

“100% Adventure Kokoda is the way to go”. (Jamie – Army Veteran)

As a Veteran, I can honestly say I was honoured to walk in the footsteps of the warriors that went before me. Adventure Kokoda provided the experience that walking such a track deserves.

Our Trek Leader Peter Morrison was genuinely invested in the experience, and he knows the history like the back of his hand. He could recite poems straight from the heart, and you could tell the passion he has for the history of Kokoda. He will also tell you what you want to hear to make you feel better :), (CDC).

Adventure Kokoda provided all the information around what to take, which was a huge help. Donald, Tracie and the team were accommodating to the needs of each individual trekker. The company sets the standard for ensuring that the “fuzzy Wuzzy angels” are looked after. They show genuine care for them, paying them what they are worth and more. They are seen to also contribute funds to the local villages so that the campsites are well maintained. If you’re looking for a walking holiday, DON’T chose Kokoda. It’s a journey that requires you to train and be mentally strong everyday of your experience.

The Aventure Kokoda team go above and beyond to ensure you take in as much as you can along the trail and ensure you have a tent ready for your arrival. The porters are the way to go as it provides Adventure Kokoda the opportunity to employee locals from all along the track trail. They are right behind you when you need them and always looking out for you. Don’t be scared to get to know all the locals that are trekking with you, as they are great people, and your trip can be made a whole lot better if you build the relationships along the way. Our group killed it and made sure we all were entertained if we were having a bad day. Couldn’t fault anything about the trip if I tried.

100% Adventure Kokoda is the way to go. JW

Mary W: Oct 2022 – Adelaide, Australia

Kokoda: a life changing experience

There are no words that can adequately impart the experience of walking the 150km Kokoda track through the incredible beauty of the PNG rainforest, the magic of entering remote villages and meeting truly beautiful people, the dedication of the Adventure Kokoda (AK) team to ensure our well-being and safety, our team camaraderie; but much more than that, following in the footsteps of our soldiers and fuzzy wuzzy angels from 80 years ago and learning of their sacrifice and endurance.

It’s brutal out there – nothing else can describe it – the terrain, the weather, the story, the emotion, the physical exhaustion each day, the harshness of village life in the remote regions. We walked single file on a narrow uneven track, sometimes so overgrown you couldn’t see the bloody track, or covered in tree roots and rocks, we climbed almost vertical hills that were literally one step up at a time, and then we slogged it downhill, we walked through streams, we walked in creeks, we walked in mud and slid on the clay surface of the track, we crossed a surreal marshy landscape, we crossed rivers using only a rope, we crossed on logs and wooden bridges, we walked up waterfalls and down as well. And what a truly awesome, wonderful adventure it was to experience all of that – there is nothing else you can compare it to – it’s something you just need to go do.

Interspersed with the challenging trek were the wartime briefings provided by Peter Morrison, our AK Trek Leader. These were far, far more than just a narration of the history. Peter’s knowledge and passion for reciting the story of our brave diggers and their PNG angels, is incredible. You can hear the emotion in his voice as he tells you of the battles, the desperate situations the lads were in, the harsh conditions, the wounded making their way along the track and the poems he recited really brought meaning to that horrific campaign. It is a story that needs to be told and retold.

Our group was small, just 8 of us, plus our awesome trek leader Peter and all the AK PNG team that looked after us – they carried and set up our tents each day, they carried our food, they cooked for us, and they kept us safe on that track – awesome people we came to love. Peter’s leadership of this team is second to none, he truly cares about “his boys” ensuring that they are well cared for and in return he is accorded a very high level of respect from all.

Special thanks must go to Laula Faola, my personal carrier. Laula had my back the whole way – there was not one step I took where he wasn’t there – he saved me so many times from falling or going in the drink or backwards off a log – he jumped in streams to help me across or in the mud – he dragged me up off the ground when I stumbled and fell, he carried most of my gear – and the whole time he was barefoot!!! I could not have done what I did without him – I owe him so much. If you are considering the value of a personal carrier, then I can highly recommend doing so for a couple of reasons: they keep you safe and our safety is a prime consideration for this company, all the PNG team take great pride in ensuring we make it to the end in one piece. Also, the money you pay helps to put back into the local economy via the carriers.

The entire journey was backed by the superb administration of the AK team – the information provided, the flight bookings, the training plan, the list of gear, the pre walk briefing, the purchase and packing of food, equipment, ensuring carriers were ready to go etc etc.

In addition, AK really goes above and beyond to look after their PNG staff – they are selected equally from the villages along the track, they are paid above award wages, they receive a travel allowance when joining the trek or returning home to their village, they receive a full uniform, sleeping kit, three meals a day, and they have a weight carrying restriction of 18 kg. Many other companies do not look after their staff anywhere near this well.

We were so fortunate to walk into Kokoda on 2 November exactly 80 years to the day in 1942 when the Allies took back Kokoda from the Japanese. Wow that was such an awesome experience to walk through the arch on that day.

Would I do it again – absolutely – but only with this awesome company!

Robert P
: Sept 2022

“A very humbling experience from the trek itself to the final day at the cemetery”

From paying a pre Covid deposit in 2020 this trip became a reality in 2022. Throughout the pre-trip period we were able to keep in contact with Tracie at Adventure Kokoda (AK), right up until we met at the Port Moresby airport by Reg Yates, our trek guide . He was very informative regarding different historical aspects of the Kokoda trek, but also related personally with me & my fellow trekkers, checking on how we were going & handling the daily conditions.

My personal porter Josh with LLoyd & Knoxie helped me through each day to get to the nightly basecamp safely as I was slower than the rest, particularly when it rained coming off a steep ridge & nightfall closed in. To make it safely to the basecamp that night with torches, although late is something I will never forget.

AK had a fine group of porters with their friendliness & willingness to help all throughout the trek. They were supplied with a colourful uniform, which seemed to be worn with pride. I understand AK looks after their crew personally with clothing, food, wages and also provide help to their villages along the trail. This seems to be appreciated by the porters.

At lunchtime on day 7 my circumstances & health changed & AK organised my evacuation back to Port Moresby through Charlie Lynn early the following morning without any drama.

My prime objective was to be able to visit Bomana Cemetery before leaving PNG & their man Tau in Port Moresby took me out there later in the afternoon to fulfil family wishes.

It would be amiss of me not to thank AK on how my journey unfolded, having trekked 7 days, be evacuated, yet still make the visit to the Cemetery & then re-join the rest of the group that night to travel home the next day together.

I highly recommend AK as the company to trek with.

Michael B: Sept 2022

Amazing – once in a lifetime experience

I recently completed the Kokoda Track between 8-16 September 2022. I am not an experienced trekker and found the team at Adventure Kokoda outstanding. Their tips for physical preparation and equipment in the lead up were spot on. They looked after us from our touchdown at Port Moresby airport on 8/9 until they dropped us back there on 16/9. I felt safe and well informed for my entire journey.

We were provided with healthy/hearty meals throughout the trek. They were prepared hygienically, and I never got sick along the way. We did source some produce from local villages such as fruit and scones but only after the head cook, approved it first. He was very mindful of our well being.

Our trek leader, Peter Davis, had an infectious enthusiasm for the military history of the Kokoda campaign. His knowledge was incredible not only keeping us well informed of sights to see but also what to expect each and every day whilst on the track including expectations of the upcoming terrain.

He was in daily communication with the Brisbane head quarters about our group which enabled them to provide regular updates on their Facebook page so my family back at home could see where we camped but also know we were safe. He was also able to relay a message to me from Australia regarding a sick relative. We were then able to make contact with the family whilst on the trail.

Regarding safety, Peter Davis went above and beyond to call in a ‘medivac’ to airlift a trekker (in distress) who was with another company back to Port Moresby. This other company did not carry any communications equipment and had left the young trekker with a porter to make their own way back to Owers Corner. Well done, Peter!

I would recommend any future trekker to use Adventure Kokoda.

George M: August 2022

Fantastic tour company!

My trek lead by Scott was very good. The whole team at Adventure Kokoda did a fantastic job. We had some visa troubles leading upto the trip but they were in contact daily with updates for us, Thank you, Tracie, for that.

We had no issues while we were in PNG and it was impressive to see just how much of a logistic organization it is just to get a few trekkers through the kokoda trail. All the porters they use are very nice and friendly.

Our trek Leader Scott was very impressive, he has been a part of the defence force for most of his life and has a passion for re telling the stories and facts of what happened over in PNG during the war.

I highly recommend Adventure Kokoda in you plan on doing the Kokoda trail.

Brianna S: July 2022

Could not recommend more

I chose Adventure Kokoda based on the recommendation of a friend and it was the best decision I made.

Communication prior to the trek was easy, and Tracie answered all my questions promptly (and patiently!). I felt completely prepared with all the information I was provided with, and did not have any issues whilst in PNG.

The accommodation provided for us before and after the trek was lovely, and transfers to and from the airport and trail heads were hassle free.

The trek itself was an amazing experience, and Rowan Tracey our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and I will be forever grateful for his part in this experience.

Adventure Kokoda has a wonderful relationship with the local people of PNG, and the support crew that was provided for us was truly incredible, and valued by all!

Overall, I could not recommend this company enough, and if I choose to hike the track again this will be the only company I go with.

Thank you so much!

Michelle R: August 2019

Adventure Kokoda 10 day trek

I completed the Kokoda trek through Adventure Kokoda and it was truely amazing.

Charlie Lynn is so inspiring and full of knowledge. He was so patient and offered so much support the entire trek. The porters were always there whenever I needed support or encouragement. I never felt alone. Their smiles and friendly chats will always be a favourite memory I’ve taken away from my experience.

The food was always great better than I’d ever had expected. There was always plenty and I never went hungry! Conditions of the campsites were kept to the highest standards. I’ve made wonderful friends. I also got an insight into what our Australian soldiers had to endure in World War Two and i will always be grateful for their sacrifice.

I highly recommend this life changing experience to everyone and most importantly I strongly recommend adventure Kokoda. Charlie and his team made the whole experience from start to finish, memorable and one I’m so grateful for.

I’d do it again with Adventure Kokoda and Charlie!

hotpig007: October 2019 – Sydney, Australia

Adventure Kokoda – the best trek company in the business. Professional safe well organized and fantastic knowledge

Thanks to Kokoda Adventure for another great trek with your company. We enjoyed the 10 day trek with head guide Chad Sherrin. My son and I had a ball. The most professional safe and well organised company in the business. If you want to know the amazing history of this trail go with AK as they are the best.

Well done Adventure Kokoda.

Brooke: Sydney, Australia – October 2019

Kokoda Trail with Adventure Kokoda

Adventure Kokoda provided top quality support and care for all trekkers. Food was quite adequate especially the amazing dinners every night. The Papua New Guinean guides carry tents for each night and set them up before your arrival at camp which is really helpful after a long day. The guides are really kind and caring people. On numerous occasions they somewhat dived to stop me from falling over. From my knowledge they are treated very well by Adventure Kokoda and in return they do their job extremely well. I never felt in danger during my trek and always felt supported by the Adventure Kokoda leadership team.

Would 100% recommend this trek, it is so beautiful and teaches so much about Australian history, including briefings about various battles of the campaign, sightseeing of a plane crash sight, weaponry and equipment found on the trail, and a visit to the war cemetery at the end. Would recommend Adventure Kokoda.

Carley F: Sydney, Australia – August 2022

Beautiful and moving experience

The trip with Adventure Kokoda exceeded my expectations. Apart from the obvious military history I was blown away by the natural beauty of the trek. Montane high rainforest, butterflies galore, birds high in the canopy (that we couldn’t always see but could hear) and even a most beautiful python.

I did the trek end August 2022 with Scott Babington as the trek leader. Scott did a fabulous job of relating the military history and his 3D “mud maps” brought the war to life. Adventure Kokoda does a tremendous amount of work to ensure their porters are well cared for and giving back to the local community which was a key reason to select them.

Compared to some other groups we saw on the trek I consider Adventure Kokoda would give the best rounded experience, and seeing things that not every trekking company would take the time or have the knowledge to show you.

If this is going to be your only trip to PNG then you are best going with one of the premier companies such as Adventure Kokoda and paying that little bit extra. I am a 56 year old female and was the only female in the group, carried my own pack with no porter and had an absolute ball. My best advice would be to make sure you do the training. I had no issues whatsoever and as a result loved every minute.

Choosing Adventure Kokoda enhanced my experience and they foster a true sense of camaraderie amongst the trekking team.

Sierra: October 2019

Kokoda Trail Pilgrimage with Adventure Kokoda

I had the lovely opportunity to participate in a pilgrimage of the Kokoda Trail with the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge, ran by Adventure Kokoda.

I must say the program did an excellent job of picking the tour operator and if you’re thinking of trekking Kokoda, Adventure Kokoda really is the way to go.

The staff that trekked with us were absolutely amazing and extremely professional, and always encouraged us and motivated us. Their history knowledge was second to none and they helped us to get the most out of the experience. I was lucky enough to have Major Charlie Lynn as our trek leader, who taught the group so much about leadership, the history of Kokoda, and really helped us to understand the values of the Kokoda campaign – courage, endurance, mateship, and sacrifice. Charlie was not only knowledgeable but in general, he was and is a lovely man who helped us the whole way and truly cared about the trek. As the title of this review suggests, he explained how this was more than a trek but a pilgrimage, which it truly was. It was a very challenging but spiritual and rewarding journey. His passion, as well as the company’s passion for the Kokoda Campaign and its significance really separates Adventure Kokoda from other operators.

Scott and Fiona of Adventure Kokoda were also absolutely amazing. As a group of young people, they essentially all adopted us as their children, and we all considered them as our mum and dad. They helped us every step of the way and really taught us how to be good people and good leaders. Adventure Kokoda really does a great job at choosing its staff.

Another great thing about Adventure Kokoda is their PNG guides, affectionately known as “the boys”. They were all absolutely lovely and helped us no matter what. When I was mentally struggling, walking much slower than other days, and I felt alone, I was never truly alone. Behind me, never telling me to move faster or harassing me, was Jerry, a lovely PNG guide who was with me every step of the way. Something as small as that changed the experience and helped greatly. All the boys were not afraid to help and you could tell they were properly cared for too. They all are provided with sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and hiking packs, and had a maximum weight limit of 18kgs, and are paid a good amount. They take care of us extremely well, and Adventure Kokoda does the same. On a side note, they were also all very good singers and did some amazing renditions of “Happy Birthday” for some of our trekkers who had birthdays along the way.

Another great thing about Adventure Kokoda is the food and accommodation. Over the ten days, we learned to love the colour orange. Getting to camp and finding all the orange tents all set up perfectly was absolutely amazing at the end of the day. The boys took so much care in setting them up and looking after us, helping us find the tents, and they always tried to make them as dry as possible. Even though it rained every day for our trek, my tent was always dry inside. Also, the tents are a great size and extremely high quality. I also have to mention the food. The food was great every single day, and they always fed us right, with new lunches and dinners each day. We were provided with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, with hot water at each break for hot drinks (or cold drinks such as milo). The Bos Kuks and their helpers were always lovely and truly deserve all the thanks us trekkers would give them every day.

The Dawn Service at Isurava and the visit to the Bomana War Cemetery, as well as the historical briefings along the way, were truly amazing and gave me such a greater understanding of the campaign and the strength of the Australian solider (and PNG Carriers). I think it’s fair to say I cried a couple of times.

Overall, completing the Kokoda Trail changed me, and Adventure Kokoda was genuinely a great company. If you are considering taking the challenge, I would 100% recommend doing it with Adventure Kokoda. It would definitely be worth all the money,

cameronedwards96: Sydney, Australia-October 2019

Conquering the Kokoda Trail

I do not feel that any other group could have matched Adventure Kokoda in providing all the resources/experiences/insights which have made my experience a 5/5. Food was great (sourced from PNG), leaders were excellent (moving battle-field briefs), and the local guides were phenomenal (the true epitome of leadership). Despite 10 days of torrential rain, Adventure Kokoda provided a pilgrimage which cannot be surpassed.

Peter Lucic: August 2019

Greatest experience of my life!!!

This trip to walk the kokoda trail in the footsteps of legends turned out to become the most amazing, challenging, eye opening, fun, thrilling spectacular adventure that I will ever experience in my lifetime! We Traveled with “adventure kokoda”, led by trek leader major Charlie Lynn who’s knowledge insight and words of wisdom moved us deeply and opened our minds.

This experience showed me truly how amazing not only the human spirit can be but how amazing each one of us can be and our true potentials, kokoda truly unlocks the secrets to your potential and reveils an extraordinary amazing new life ahead that we normally wouldn’t find otherwise. Special thankyou to “Adventure Kokoda” and Charlie Lynn for making this opportunity so great and possible, they truly have made this journey the greatest experience of my life!

NickyG: Wheelers Hill, Australia – September 2019

Lifelong long memories made!

Cannot say enough about our Trek with Bernie and Carla from Adventure Kokoda – September 2019. Such an amazing journey. Topped off by Bernie’s knowledge and care for all of us and Carla’s energy and tips. Adventure Kokoda take care of everything, including doing your washing at the end of the trek. Our carriers were super human with wonderful attitudes and are very good at what they do (saving me many times). The villages are supported by Adventure Kokoda as are the carriers. We made many friendships that we will treasure and will never forget these amazing 8 days.

Allyson T: August 2019

ClubsNSW Industry Trek 2019

Adventure Kokoda is just an incredible bunch of people. Your safety is their top priority, they want to see you complete the Kokoda trail and they aren’t the only ones, the PNG porters they employ watch out for you every step of the way. They are the happiest and funniest bunch of boys and are extremely well looked after by Adventure Kokoda. Charlie Lynn is full of historical knowledge and that makes a major difference in how you see and experience this trail.

I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life and it’s something that I will never forget.

I fully encourage and reccomend that you experience it for yourself, let Adventure Kokoda look after you, like the fuzzy wuzzy angels looked after our Australian diggers all those years ago, you won’t regret it!

Will Smith : Student – RSL Clubs Youth Leadership Challenge

It’s hard to know how to begin this statement, to be honest. I don’t know what single point I can start with. I suppose I can open by saying that, without a doubt, the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge has been the most life-changing experience of my life.

Charlie Lynn and everyone that was involved in the preparation process told me again and again: “You cannot overtrain”. They were right. The Kokoda Trail was an extremely physically and emotionally demanding trek – certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. By no means did I come into this challenge underprepared, in fact I personally think I had adequate training, however I wasn’t able to comprehend how much of an arduous trek it was going to be until I was there in Papua New Guinea and being challenged by it, all day, every day.

I had many goals for the Kokoda Trail – for example, “finish the trek uninjured” was my main one. “Introduce myself and meet all the trekkers on day one” was another (which I achieved quite well, before even getting on the plane to Papua New Guinea). “Don’t vomit” was achieved, but only just. “Carry your weight the entire way” – I had no choice but to relinquish this goal so as to assure I achieved the “don’t vomit” goal. And then there was “Don’t cry,” and this would have been possible had I expanded it specifically to why I thought I could be crying – out of fear or hopelessness. I didn’t cry out of fear or hopelessness, I stayed positive the whole time. But I did cry.

You see, I never could have imagined how huge of an impact the history of the Kokoda Trail and the Kokoda Campaign could have had on me. I couldn’t understand how I would be affected by those stories until I was walking in the footsteps of our servicemen. The Kokoda Trail really forced me to dig deep and connect with the culture – both ours and Papua New Guinea’s – and led me to a new perspective of appreciation, about who we are as communities, and as nations, but most of all, as individuals. The mind is a powerful thing, and after hearing Charlie’s speeches about leadership potential and capability in young people – about the positivity in the world and one’s ability to make a difference – I feel really empowered and inspired to be something in my lifetime. I want to make a difference in at least one small way or another, and I know I will because I’m determined to see that happen.

I learnt with the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge, and surrounded by my fellow trekkers, that I am more capable of my future than the world around me might suggest. I am able to achieve anything I want to achieve if I apply myself and work towards that goal – complacency is the thing that drags me down. With Charlie Lynn leading us, we were briefed on the historical and cultural significance of every hill and every valley. There was nothing that was just as it seemed. It really put our society back in Australia into perspective. I learnt about the Kokoda Campaign in much detail and about the great cultural significance that it should hold in our society. More than anything else though, I gained a stronger appreciation for the life I am privileged to live. I think the trekkers around me took away similar messages, and I saw it show outwardly in the manner in which they interacted with me and the people around them.

I presented a short speech to my school upon my return but due to the time restrictions it was shortened to a very casual anecdote of sorts. I spoke of my experience and I encouraged an interest in the history of the Kokoda Campaign. The thing I did get to touch on in my short speech was the Isurava Memorial, and how there were these four marble pillars there that really encompassed what it was to be Australian. They read “courage,” “endurance,” “mateship,” and “sacrifice.” I broke down emotionally several times at the Isurava Memorial site. It was an incredibly powerful place. I found that the four attributes engraved on the pillars can really be applied to the qualities that make great Australians today. Mateship in particular is still very prevalent throughout our society. I think, after trekking the eight days it took to arrive at the Isurava Memorial, the marble pillar engraved “Sacrifice” really seemed especially significant to me. I believe that the sacrifice that our soldiers gave back in 1942 was the ultimate choice – to give their lives so that others could have theirs – and I think that quality in particular is deserving of the utmost of respect from all Australians.

I’d like to think I already had a very fair understanding of leadership before I embarked on this journey. It had become quite apparent to me in recent years that leadership is very much about being a role model, and the cooperation and teamwork with the people that you lead. My experiences have shown me this; that together, with proper leadership, trust and respect, people can achieve amazing success. This understanding was reinforced by my experience with the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge. However I did gain new understandings – and that was cooperation not only with those you lead, but also other leaders. Charlie Lynn presented an interesting model of Action-Takers, Thinkers, and Carers, and that the most effective leadership needs qualities from all three. I found this to be quite an impressive interpretation and I know in the future I’ll be considering this model with the people I should lead and work with.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, to be quite frank. Charlie asked us to provide advice as to how we could improve the program, but I can’t think of a single thing I would have had different. To Charlie I would say, if every Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge group could have a trek leader as experienced, as passionate, and as much of a role model as he was to us, that would provide each and every year’s worth of trekkers with the perfect understanding and appreciation of historical and cultural significance and there’s no better way to continue the legacy of Kokoda than the proper education and leadership of the youth. We were incredibly privileged to have Charlie Lynn lead us. To Gosford RSL, I thank tremendously for selecting me and allowing me with this amazing opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our soldiers and to really recognise the importance of the Kokoda Campaign and the country we live in. To CashCard, who sponsored me, an enormous thank you as well, for getting me there. Showing my gratitude in thanks just isn’t enough to those who sponsored, supported, lead, and believed in me. It was an unfathomable experience that will struggle to ever be matched in my lifetime.

Thank you.

According to PNG Villagers Adventure Kokoda Trekkers are the happiest they see on the Trail.