Because we care!

The 560 trekkers we have led across the trail this year has generated the following benefits for PNG:

  • K1 million for Air Niugini
  • K200,000 trek fees for the KTA
  • K290,000 for food purchases at Port Moresby supermarkets
  • K260,000 for accommodation at Sogeri
  • K100,000 for bus/truck transport
  • K450,000 for charter aircraft between Port Moresby and Kokoda
  • K2.56 million in wages for our PNG guides and carriers
  • K400,000 for campsite owners
  • K130,000 for local purchases along the trail
  • K260,000 worth of school and medical supplies donated by our trekkers
  • K60,000 worth of clothing and equipment donated to guides and carriers at the end of their trek

This equates to a total benefit of K5.35 million for PNG from Adventure Kokoda this year![i]. In 1991, when Charlie Lynn first trekked across the Kokoda Trail the combined income of all the subsistence villages was estimated to be around K60,000 – we have come a long way together.

In addition to this Network Kokoda, a Not-For-Profit company established by Adventure Kokoda, has:

  • Built a Koiari Women’s Learning Centre at Sogeri
  • Developed community market gardens at Sogeri and Iaowari High School and Sogeri National High School
  • Built a Community Centre at Abuari
  • Assisted in the building of a TB Isolation Ward at Popondetta Hospital
  • Engaged a full-time agricultural graduate to provide assistance to school and villagers on the Sogeri Plateau
  • Developed a Commercial Fish Farm at Iaowari High School
  • Donated 4000 library books to Port Moresby Grammar School

Major Charlie Lynn’s work in establishing the Kokoda trekking industry was recognised in 2015 when he was honoured with his induction as an Officer of the Logohu by the PNG Government in their New Years’ Honours List ‘for service to the bilateral relations between Papua New Guinea and Australia and especially in the development of the Kokoda Trail and its honoured place in the history of both nations’ over the past 25 years.

Matthew Billy evacuated from Hoi for an emergency operation in Port Moresby
Matthews scar from the operation
Matthew Billy back in his village of Hoi all patched up
Baby boy with swollen scrotum evacuated to Pacific International Hospital for urgent operation
Baby boy recovering in hospital after operation funded by Network Kokoda
Young boy from Abuari village with splint applied by Charlie Lynn after falling from his house and fracturing his femu
Young boy from Abuari (Allan Ben) in Port Moresby Hospital after being evacuated by Network Kokoda for an operation on his fractured femur
Koiari Women’s Centre graduating class in Financial Literacy conducted by ME Bank
Sewing course conducted at the Network Kokoda Koiari Women’s Centre
Participants in our Sewing Class at the Koiari Women’s Centre at Sogeri
Young boy very proud of his Mum participating in our Financial Literacy Course at the Koiari Women’s Centre at Sogeri
Sogeri women participating in our Floraculture Course at the Koiari Women’s Centre at Sogeri
Students from Iaowari High School at the official opening our Network Kokoda Koiari Women’s Centre at Sogeri
Oggie Erehe – our Network Kokoda Field Manager at Sogeri
Oggie in our seed nursery at our Agricultural Learning Centre at Sogeri
Vegetable garden beds at our Network Kokoda Agriculture Centre at Sogeri
Oggie Erehe at our market gardens at the Sogeri National High School
Iarowari High School students developing market gardens
Network Kokoda market gardens at Iaowari High School
Iaowari High School students at work in our Network Kokoda market gardens at the school
Iaowari High School student at work in our Network Kokoda market garden at the school
Sogeri youth employed to dig out the old dam at Iaowari High School in preparation for a fish farm
Iaowari High School students on the completed dam wall for their school’s fish farm
First of 8 pontoon cages for our Network Kokoda fish farm at Iaowari High School
Presentation of school supplies to Sogeri Primary School
Presentation of school supplies to Bisiatabu Primary School
Happy student at Bisiataby Primary School
Early Christmas at Bombers Campsite
Presentation of schools supplies to orphaned children at Efogi Village
Presentation to students at Menar Village
Adventure Kokoda charters aircraft directly between Port Moresby and Kokoda and also to preposition our supplies half-way along the trail
Our Adventure Kokoda grocery store at Soger – all our supplies for our trekkers are purchased in Port Moresby
One of our 8 PNG leadership groups we engage for Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda employs Koiari and Orokaiva guides from across the trail – as a result we have a close relationship with local community groups
Adventure Kokoda is the only trekking company to enforce a maximum weight limit for our carriers (this is based on the maximum weight recommended by Regimental Medical Officers during the Kokoda campaign).
Adventure Kokoda is the only trekking company to provide each of our guides and carriers with full trek uniform – and a personal sleeping bag and mat – they are very proud and loyal as a result
Our guides and carriers enjoy the festive spirit during the final; trek each year
Community Learning Centre at Abuari funded by Network Kokoda
Sewing machines presented to Abuari Community Learning Centre by Network Kokoda
Bilums purchased from Menari Village for resale in Australia
Cane baskets and bilums made by women in Menari village
Network Kokoda community garden in Magare Village
Sogeri Lodge – the homely way to start and finish a trek amongst friends
More than a gourmet chef
Charlie ands Jill Lynn at Government House in Port Moresby where he was inducted as an Officer of Logohu by the PNG Governor-General
The Order of Logohu
Charlie and Jill Lynn at Government House in Sydney where he was presented with an Order of Australia Medal by Governor David Hurley ‘for services to the Parliament of New South Wales’.
Medal for the Order of Australia