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Protecting our heritage

Kokoda is much more than a trek.  It is almost a spiritual journey for those who wish to connect to the historical significance of the Kokoda campaign. It is also an empathetic bridge for Australians and Papua New Guineans to better understand each other.

Our Charity

Our charitable work includes the provision of health support, school supplies, scholarships, and emergency medical assistance to villagers across the Kokoda Trail.

Our Media

National features stories of our treks on all major television networks, newspapers, and magazines.

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Trekker feedback, Trip Advisor reviews, and personal reflections.

Our Treks

Everything you need to know about our treks, our trekkers, training tips, gear selection, and some handy hints.

Our Viewpoint

Charlie has been the leading advocate for the protection of our Kokoda heritage, and the welfare of villagers across the Trail, for 30 years.


Interesting articles relating to our close association with PNG, and our shared wartime heritage.

Latest News

CHAPTER 37: Unlawful Cancellation of Adventure Kokoda Licence

CHAPTER 37: Unlawful Cancellation of Adventure Kokoda Licence

The cancellation of our Adventure Kokoda tour operators’ licence was found to be unlawful by the Justice Sally Purdon-Sully in the PNG National Court on 14 December 2023,

The hearing lifted the scab off a web of insidious political agendas, the use of aid-for-influence, nepotism, incompetence, corruption and collusion within the DFAT funded Kokoda Initiative network which includes the PNG Conservation Environment Promotion Authority (CEPA), the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) and the Australian Kokoda Tour Operators Association (KTOA).

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