“Clearly the Adventure Kokoda relationship with local villages pays off as we seemed to have the pick of the sites! Never thought I would be so happy to see a tent!”

Andrew Flanagan

“Couldn’t have asked for better campsites! I have camped a fair bit, and I was pleasantly surprised to have access to fresh water and soft ground/grass.”

Laura Dick

“The campsites were great.  Great locations!”

Craig Thomas

“They were about as I expected, it was lovely having a stream to wash in at most of them and they were all clean and well kept, but if anything could be done about the latrines that would be a great improvement!”

Katherine Williams

“The campsites were fantastic. The views that some of them had was amazing.”

Renae Moss

“While very basic, the camping conditions were better than I had expected.  I believe it is part of the overall experience to be somewhat Spartan”.

Ralph Donnett

“Beautiful locations. I felt a little bit unsafe when my tent was on the outskirts of the group near the huts of villagers, however my tent was always promptly moved to a more secure location!”

Catalina Moraga

“There was so much variety with the campsites, It was great to be able to spend one down by a creek scrubbing your clothes and then the next night surrounded by the local kids. Some of my most memorable moments were at the campsites. The sites were well looked after. “

Courtney Smith

“Campsites were chosen well, very beautiful places and friendly locals.”

Eric Ford

“Campsites were well maintained and were far beyond what I was expecting.”

Kaylee James

“It was apparent that Adventure Kokoda has established good relationships with villages as all campsites were well organized and we were made to feel welcome by the local people.”

Darryl Matthews

“There was ample space for tents and huts to eat in for such a large group, basic amenities and water facilities. This was the jungle and highlands – could not expect much more.”

Phil Moffitt

“The campsites for the most part were great. I had some trouble getting to the rivers for bathing sometime because of how slippery the ground became.

“The campsites where we could hang our clothes up near the fire or on lines in the sun were really handy. Given the rain that we had it would have been really beneficial to be able to leave clothes near the camp fire over night, but I understand that there were safety risks and risks of theft that needed to be accounted for.

“The areas in general were pretty easy to navigate but it was more difficult if we arrived after dark to locate the toilets and areas to bathe etc.

“The campsite with the hot shower was a huge winner!

“My favourite campsite (even though we didn’t stay there overnight) was Hoi. Deniki and Agulogo were other great campsites.

“It was wonderful to taste the local fruits and dishes (Abuari and Deniki) and interact with the locals at some campsites that were attached to villages. It was a real treat having the locals from Agulogo sing to us on Day 3. I was really struggling at that point and for some reason their singing had a really calming effect on me.”

Sarah Youssef

“What I was expecting. And they were so pretty!”

Daisy Ewan

“Awesome campsites – just need to avoid pitching on hills where possible”

Daniel Castagnoli

“The campsites along the track were often very clean and flat with access to kitchen and bathroom facilities very close by. There were a few campsites that were a bit steep, which made camping in the rain uncomfortable with tents becoming a little flooded. I enjoyed staying at some campsites nearby/next to some villages as we really got to see how they lived and connect with some of the children.”

Grace Parker

“Loved having individual tents, sometimes they leaked and water was inside which is understandable due to the rain. The addition of shower heads was a great touch. Camping at bombers was really nice.”

Jessica Thy

“Campsites were always well kept; there was no sign that they had ever been used before, no rubbish or anything! We always had access to either a stream or river or tank water to fill our bottles, and always had some way of washing, whether it be a river or a makeshift shower.”

Joshua Meyer

“All campsites were in really great condition. All providing a hut for us to sit in around the fire and socialize. Was not expecting the campsites to have showers, and was so excited to have a shower at Bombers after walking through the swamp and the rain.”

Lily Truszewski

“I liked how there was always a sheltered dining area as well as another communal area for a fire and just general hanging out with the rest of the trek group. The toilet facilities were as expected.”

Mariel Malabanan

“All camp sites were great, and if they were at a village the people were really nice and friendly. You always felt safe. We always camped near a creek to wash in, and if not we had showers.”

Stevie Norton