The Adventure Kokoda ‘Bring-a-Book’ campaign for the Port Moresby Grammar School has delivered more 1,000 books in 2008.

Adventure Kokoda trekkers are encouraged to each ‘bring a book’ which we consolidate and present to the school on arrival in Port Moresby.

Deputy-Principal, Michael Luff, has advised that Port Moresby Grammar has been able to employ a second librarian because of the response to the program.

Adventure Kokoda has entered into a partnership with the Port Moresby Grammar school because of its philanthropic approach to education in PNG – and because it has proper governance. This is a key factor in considering any form of philanthropic partnerships in PNG.

Adventure Kokoda has established a Kokoda Bursary Program with the school. Trekker who wish to sponsor a student can have the bursary named after them.

Michael Luff has provided an update on our ‘Bring-a-Book’ campaign in a recent email:

‘Hello Charlie,

‘Hope all is well down your way. Collected a good number of books the other evening with Chad & Ron Beattie’s Group! Our number of books and DVDs totals 1035. All brought forward in the past 12 months approx. A fabulous effort! This does not include pencils, pens and other drawing materials.

‘On the turn around side Port Moresby Grammar school has done the following:

  • 6 cartons of reading books were delivered to Taurama Barracks Community School along with a heap of stationary;
  • 7 cartons of books were presented to Bavaroko Community School (our next door neighbour);
  • 1 carton was given to a small group called “We Care” in the Hohola settlement area. Mums teaching street kids to read; and
  • 2 cartons were sent to Gaire community school on request.

‘ All of these are a result of culling as new books come into our library. Where there is a doubling up we give these away in the cartons. Some of your books we use as incentives and prizes to kids at Pom Grammar for good work. The culture of reading has been substantially enhanced since your program has started. Popular novels are being read throughout the school. The library staff are really doing a fine job.

‘ Friends Foundation gave us a wooden coin box and in the first fortnight we collected K250- for Tessie’s group.

‘ Our next quest is to build up the culling cartons again so that Sogeri Community school and Ioiari High school are provided with books.

‘ Nixon and the West Papuans are still at Gerehu. The six we have at Pom Grammar are still in school. Many of the other school kids have been “pushed out” or have simply given up – sorry to say. However, we will keep going with our little group. The West Papuan girls especially enjoy the hockey competition on a Sunday afternoon.

‘ Things are going very well at present and a big lot of thanks to you.

‘ We would like to see you at the school when you are next up this way – is that possible?



We are pleased to advise that Mike has kindly agreed to assist in the distribution of books and educational materials to schools along the Kokoda Trail. We appreciate his generous offer and look forward to extending the program to remote village schools along the track.

Our Adventure Kokoda trekkers were recently acknowleged in Hadibaia Hereva – the newsletter of the Port Moresby Grammar School:

‘Adventure Kokoda under the direction of Charlie Lynn has once again come to the fore with more books, DVDs, sports gear, pencils, pens and games (but mainly books). 398 items were presented to POM Grammar for the library [in July]. The students and staff are thoroughly enjoying the new and exciting reading opportunities. Thanks are extended to our special friends from ADVENTURE KOKODA and the Australian Trekkers.’

Small things make a big difference in PNG – we will continue to seek out new partnerships in the areas of health and education.