Author: Charlie

Kokoda Day

Over the past decade 54,623 Australians, young and old, from all walks of life, have trekked across the Kokoda Trail. They are motivated by the significance of its military heritage and the lure of an adventure in the ‘land of the unexpected’.

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Papua New Guinea: A place of pilgrimage

Kokoda has emerged as the complete adventure experience for boomers and young adventurers.  It requires physical stamina and mental tenacity. The wartime history evokes strong emotions.  The unconditional care and support of local PNG guides and villagers is humbling. The environment is rugged, remote, and pristine.

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David Howell – Exposed!

‘The general reaction from most people who know him is that he is a “blowhard” who is only interested in promoting himself and his money earning activities for as little work as possible.  He generally moves on once people wise up to his motives.’

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