Author: Charlie

Kokoda Day

Kokoda Day’ will be a source of immense pride for Papua New Guineans. It has the potential to rival the commemorative status of Anzac Day in Australia. It will provide a strong incentive for Australians to visit PNG for the...

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Kokoda: The enemy within!

A 1400% increase in the number of Australians trekking Kokoda after the opening of the Isurava Memorial in 2002 would normally be hailed an outstanding result for PNG tourism, and our shared wartime heritage. But, for Canberra based envirocrats lurking in the corridors of power within Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA), it had all the hallmarks of an environmental armageddon!

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The Kokoda Trail: Chronology of Mismanagement: 2009-2019

FAST FACTS | 1992: Fewer than 100 Australians trekked Kokoda prior to 1992 – no income was generated for local subsistence villagers. 2008: 5621 Australians trekked Kokoda – generating approximately $3 million (K7.8 million) directly into village economies (wages, campsite fees, village purchases). 2009: DFAT-Environment assumed control of the Kokoda Trail. Trekker numbers have since declined by 42% to 3300 resulting in a direct annual loss of $1.2 million (K3.1 million) for village communities across the Trail.

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