Our Network Kokoda Integrated Agricultural Learning Project at Sogeri

Adventure Kokoda was the foundation sponsor of Network Kokoda – a foundation established to honour the sacrifice of our Kokoda veterans and PNG wartime carriers.

Network Kokoda has based its philosophy on Community Learning Development Centres established by the former Minister for Community Development, Dame Carol Kidu.

We have engaged Mr Sandy Lawson, an agricultural scientist who has spent most of his woking life in PNG. Sandy is fluent in Tok Pisin and Motu and familiar with a number of other languages.  He has an empathetic understanding of Melanesian culture and is highly respected by Koiari and Orokaive leaders.

We have also engaged Oggie Erehetonz (pictured)who has a Diploma in Tropical Agriculture from University of Natural Resource and Environment in Popondetta. Oggie is an outstanding young graduate who is very keen to manage our Integrated Community Agricultural Learning Centres on the Sogeri plateau. Our next objective is to replicate this project at Kokoda.

Following is Sandy Lawson’s latest report on our Integrated Community Agricultural Learning Centres program: (more…)

Giving Back to the Track in 2010

Adventure Kokoda recenlty donated $35,000 to assist in the establishment of Network Kokoda a foundation which aims to develop a Master Memorial Plan for the Kokoda Trail in partnership with the Australian War Memorial, the RSL and the Kokoda Track Authority. Network Kokoda also plans to work in partnership with the PNG Department of Community Services to establishe Community Learning Development Centres along the Kokoda Trail and other areas in PNG in recognition of the PNG Wartime Carriers.

The Chairman of the foundation is Brigadier Phil McNamara. During his 35 years in the army Phillip served in the Special Air Service (SAS), the 1st Commando Regiment and the Pacific Islands Regiment in PNG – he is fluent in Tok Pisin. After leaving the army he was engaged as the Director General of the NSW State Emergency Service for seven years. For more information on Network Kokoda please click here: www.networkkokoda.org.au –

Adventure Kokoda has also established a number of philanthropic programs to assist PNG students in Port Moresby and villages along the track.  These include:

.  a Kokoda Bursary Program to assist PNG students at Port Moresby Grammar School and beyond;
.  a ‘Bring-a-Buk’ program to assist in the stocking of the school library;
.  a ‘Yumi Helpim Pikinnini Program to support village schools along the Kokdoa trail: and
.  a ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Trekking Program’ which involves sponsoring senior students and teachers from the Sogeri High School on our Kokoda Youth Leaderhip Challenge treks. (more…)

Adventure Kokoda Philanthropic Programs

Adventure Kokoda continues to develop its philanthropic programs along the Kokoda Trail with the help of our trekkers.  In 2009 the company introduced a ‘Yumi Helpim Pikinini’ Program which saw 120 backpacks filled with educational, health and sporting gear delivered to village students.

Last year Adventure Kokoda was the only trekking company to pay our trek fees in full and in advance.  This year we were the only trekking company to respond to a call from the PNG Kokoda Track Authority to help sponsor a team of local rugby league players to train with the Gold Coast Titan Juniors on the Gold Coast.  (more…)