Kokoda code on Track

The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 2 September, 2009:

The Government of Papua New Guinea will crack down on rogue tour operators on the Kokoda Track who are not paying taxes or taking proper safety percautions. [Read more…]


by Sally McMillan – The Sunday Telegraph

EXCRUCIATING, gruelling, torturous, gut-wrenching …

Trekking the Kokoda Trail is all of the above – and more.

The cloying jungle seeps into you, radiating waves of body heat. The air is fetid, the dense canopy enveloping – at night ink-black.

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Heroism no longer required on Kokoda Track

The following article was written by Mick Ryan of Killara and published in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 20, 2009:

‘Surely I cannot be the only one to come back from the Kokoda Track and wonder what all the fuss is about. I do not dispute the bravery and sacrifice of the fallen, or the significance of the battles fought there. My concern is with the modern trekkers and the mythology being cultivated about what a superhuman feat it is to walk from Owers Corner to Kokoda in peacetime. [Read more…]

Is this the World’s meanest tour guide?

Sydney Morning Herald,  November 25, 1995


Charlie Lynn’s holiday package includes a good measure of fear, exhaustion, injury and shock, which may be why Australia’s largest companies think he’s great.  Marc Llewellyn reports:


THIRTEEN hours up a mountain and Xiaoling Liu is crawling on her hands and knees through the mud with a heavy rucksack on her back.  The 42-year-old senior research scientist is almost blind from an insect bite which has left her face and body badly swollen.  Both her ankles are twisted and she is close to giving up. [Read more…]

The Kokoda Kids

The Sydney Morning Herald.

May 25-31, 1998

Torrential Rain, mud slides and a 10-day trek – unorthodox methods for building self-esteem, but it worked for a group of troubled teenagers. Judy Adamson reports:

The rain is pouring onto the darkened jungle in heavy sheets.  It’s three hours into a 10-day walk on the Kokoda Track and already Elizabeth, of the 10 disadvantaged teenagers involved, is exhausted and quietly weeping as she sits huddled in her rain jacket. [Read more…]

A Hard Slog to Kokoda

WE ARE indeed a strange collection of life’s assorted gathered here so far from home, checking our packs, checking out each other. Among us are the media’s most unfit, a professional fisherman, a surgeon-cum-ardent bushwalker, a marathon runner and a 70-year-old war veteran. We are on a pilgrimage for which, it turns out, we are largely unprepared [Read more…]

A Walk on the Wild Side – Anzac 1992

The Bulletin with Newsweek
May 1992

Leeches. Malaria. Blisters. Tinea.  Treacherous creek crossings on narrow logs in the dark … writer Helen Pitt and photographer Valerie Martin (both 163cm and 59kg), with 18 other Australians, retrace the Kokoda Track nearly 50 years after the World War 11 battles. [Read more…]

Trekking to Hell and Back

Geo Magazine

May – June 1997

OVERCOME by emotion Dr John de Courcy halts mid-sentence.  Lying almost flat, his head propped against the thatched wall of a smoke-filled hut in the remote ranges of Papua New Guinea, he tries to describe those who have influenced his life.  After a short pause, he continues without inhibition and his audience listens with empathy.  It’s the kind of exchange that only a collective experience – bordering on near hell – is likely to deliver. [Read more…]

Stars Rise and Fall on Kokoda

The Australian on 24 April 1996

WHAT do you get when you combine the historic Kokoda Track with a bunch of celebrities?  The answer, judging from Nine’s A Current Affair, is a disaster, of significant proportions, with the odd triumph thrown in. [Read more…]