Kokoda Corporate Leadership Treks

The Kokoda Trail provides the setting for one of the most awesome physical and emotional challenges available. The Kokoda campaign provides abundant examples of Australian leadership and team esprit-de-corps. The Koiari and Orokaiva people (of ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ angel fame) provide the opportunity for humble, personal reflection.

Our corporate treks expose young managers to the environment where examples of Australian leadership and teamwork are the stuff of legend. We tailor each one to meet the needs of endividual trek groups.

Some may want to use the physical challenge of Kokoda to get to know each other better and improve their team esprit de corps. Others may wish to draw upon the lessons to be learned from our battlefield leadership during the Kokoda campaign – and there are lessons aplenty at all levels in this regard.

Participants learn about themselves in a way that is only possible when they are tested to their limits in a challenging and unfamiliar environment – and they learn more about their colleagues than they would after a lifetime association within their normal corporate environment.

Team bonds established last well beyond the memory of the hardships shared during the program. Witness Australian Diggers who sometimes only knew each other for a short time on the Kokoda Trail in 1942 – but who meet annually ever since to commemorate that experience.

Our leaders are well qualified for these treks because of their practical experience in command leadership.

Commodore Simon Hart was Captain of two of our frontline battleships (HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Hobart) during his distinguished career in the Royal Australian Navy.  Both ships were awarded ‘ship of the year’ under his command and he was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross for his outstanding leadership.

Major Chad Sherrin was decorated for his combat leadership as a Sergeant during the Vietnam War.

Lieutenant-Colonel Rowan Tracey commanded a unit of 1000 men during his tour of duty in Papua New Guinea – he is regarded as Australia’s most authoritative historian on the Kokoda campaign.

Major Charlie Lynn is a Vietnam Veteran, graduate of the Army Command and Staff College and instructor in outback survival.
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