Adventure Kokoda is delighted to announce the release of our Young Readers book, Roses At Eora Creek, written by Rashmii Bell featuring stunning illustrations by Bojana Simic.

Published by TLA Media in hard cover edition, Adventure Kokoda’s collaboration with the Papua New Guinean author is another step we have taken toward encouraging reform for the improved welfare and work conditions for the Papua New Guinean Guides and Carriers of Kokoda Trail wartime trek tourism.

Our book project began with Ms Bell shortly after she trekked the Trail in 2018 with Adventure Kokoda, led by Trek Leader Charlie Lynn OAM OL.

“I had the opportunity to undertake my first pilgrimage of the Trail alongside a fantastic cohort of young Australians participating in Adventure Kokoda’s Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge. The trek, my fellow trekkers, the Koiari and Orokaiva people, their village communities, the Adventure Kokoda team and knowledge sharing I’ve benefited from has had an incredible impact on me as an individual and steered my writing since” said Ms Bell.

Working closely with our management team including General Manager Tracie Watson and Operations Manager Donald Watson, Ms Bell sought to capture her observations, photographs and specifically, insight to discussions she had with Guides and Carriers about their employment conditions and concerns within Kokoda Trail wartime trek tourism.

Engaging with a younger audience is the focus of this collaborative effort, as Ms Bell explains:

“In 2018, I wrote a seven-part series for an older audience that was published online. With the support of Adventure Kokoda, I’ve translated that content into a format that I hope young people will connect with, because they are an important voice that must be included as we reflect and have conversations about ways forward for sustainable tourism in PNG.”

Through the poetry prose and illustrations of Roses At Eora Creek, Adventure Kokoda and Ms Bell invite and encourage young readers, especially trekkers (past and future), to participate in our ongoing advocacy for the industry to implement ethical and sustainable measures supporting Kokoda Trail Guides and Carriers.

We believe that together with the younger generation, individuals with an interest and all trekkers whom have undertaken the Kokoda pilgrimage, have a valuable role to contribute toward implementing meaningful change for the Papua New Guinean men employed to provide immeasurable support to us when we are out on the Trail.

Roses At Eora Creek will be distributed exclusively by Adventure Kokoda and is available for purchase via Adventure Kokoda website for $19.95 plus delivery.