A trek across the Kokoda Trail should be regarded as a pilgrimage – a journey of moral significance through a jungle shrine linked to our Australian heritage.

It should not be regarded as a ‘bucket-list’ item; a ‘Tough Mudder’ event; or a ‘bogan challenge’ complete with guitars and daily ‘Ozzie, Ozzie Ozzie – ‘Oi, ‘Oi, ‘Oi’ chants.

Adventure Kokoda is a proud custodian of our Kokoda heritage. Our trek leaders have a combined total of 160 years professional military service and we have led more than 600 expeditions across the trail over the past 29 years.

We specialise on the Kokoda Trail and do not trek to any other location!

We are strong advocates of the need to protect our shared Kokoda military heritage with local villagers across the trail.

We have established Network Kokoda as a Not-For-Profit company to honour the legacy of the wartime carriers by helping to meet their needs in agriculture, health, education and a sustainable economic future.

Trip Advisor has rated Adventure Kokoda as the No. 1 trekking company on the Kokoda Trail every year for the past 5 years – our goal is to repeat this over the next 5 years by providing the ultimate Kokoda experience for our trekkers.

This blog contains general information over a range of issues regarding our treks. If you have any queries please contact our Manager, Tracie Watson via email: tracie@kokodatreks.com.au.

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Tributes to out PNG Friends:

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