Wanker treks Kokoda

This Trip Advisor review by Nathan S at http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowUserReviews-g294115-d309624-r190455840-Kokoda_Trail-Papua_New_Guinea.html#REVIEWS is a direct result of Canberra’s policy of pitching to the lowest common denominator as part of their ‘management assistance’ package for the Kokoda Trail.  Their policy obviously allows wankers such as ‘Nathan S’ to exploit local guides then publicly shit-can the experience.

Nathan S is obviously a heroic ‘selfie’ legend!

He states that he contacted ‘a company called Kokoda Icon and talked with its owner, a man named Billy Ivan’.  If he had conducted any sort of due diligence check he would have quickly learned that Kokoda Icon is a local PNG company that operates without any Public Liability Insurance protection.

Nathan S then ‘negotiated’ with Billy to do the trek as cheaply as possible and went with only one guide (Billy’s brother) who obviously carried seven days food plus the camping gear.  His backpack would therefore have weighed around 35 kg.

The wanker then went on to brag: ‘My costs would’ve been cut in half if I didn’t have a guide, however I can’t recommend it. Its more dangerous on that trail than you might realize, I had a habit of leaving the guide behind’.  This wouldn’t have been too difficult for the heroic wanker to achieve in view of the 35 kg handicap he loaded onto Billy’s brother.

Having arrived safely at his destination the wanker then ungraciously shit-cans Billy’s brother: ‘Much to my chagrin I have to admit the guide was useful, if for nothing else than arranging my lodging and cooking my meals; while hiking he was useless and I would routinely reach the days’ stopping point hours before he did. Quite frankly it’s shocking that I never got lost seeing as the trail was never absolutely obvious at the junctions. The guide did all the cooking although I didn’t really hire him for that reason, as far as I was concerned his job was to keep anyone from robbing or killing me (he did admirably)’. Nice bit of sarcasm to finish him off!

This shameful review will now sit on the Trip Advisor website as a negative slur against the Kokoda trekking industry until after the 2014 trekking season begins in April.

Last year the KTA imposed a marketing levy of K50 per trekker which resulted in an income of K162,300. The result of this ‘marketing initiative’ was a decrease of 11 percent in trekker numbers – and a social media review from a wanker that will further damage the industry.

The most frustrating aspect of this public relations failure is that it was totally preventable because the legitimate trek operators have been warning of such consequences from the time the Australian Government assumed control of trekking operations along the Kokoda Trail in 2008.

Authors Note:

Kokoda Icon should not be confused with Icon Adventures which is a professional and reputable trekking company – http://www.iconadventures.com.au


  1. Liz White says:

    One would hope that all of the trekkers who have had great experiences with great companies will far outweigh the negative comments made by Nathan simply by word of mouth. I do not really think that any trekkers who are serious about going to Kokoda would rely on this type of nonsense. However, it is very sad that idiots like this have the hide to complain!

  2. Aidan Grimes says:

    what a wanker!!! …..see here’s the thing ..the true hero’s are all buried in Bomana

  3. Have you noted that “Nathan s” is from Ohio USA…. Doesn’t mention anything about the history – likely because he was in it for some sort of a physical challenge instead of a once in a lifetime experience. What a “legend” (*cough* wanker*) that he could do it in 4 days if he really wanted!! And what a bargain to trek for only $1000!!!
    Do they use the word “wanker” in America?! Short of all else, it’s a shame companies allow those sort of Trekkers to take advantage of the porters and befall any other regulations 🙁

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