Adventure Kokoda continues to develop its philanthropic programs along the Kokoda Trail with the help of our trekkers.  In 2009 the company introduced a ‘Yumi Helpim Pikinini’ Program which saw 120 backpacks filled with educational, health and sporting gear delivered to village students.

Last year Adventure Kokoda was the only trekking company to pay our trek fees in full and in advance.  This year we were the only trekking company to respond to a call from the PNG Kokoda Track Authority to help sponsor a team of local rugby league players to train with the Gold Coast Titan Juniors on the Gold Coast. 

Following is a brief update on our philanthropic programs in PNG in 2009:

Kokoda Bursary Program – Port Moresby Grammar School
Our Adventure Kokoda partnership with the Port Moresby Grammar School continues to grow with the support of our trekkers.

This year we sponsored two students, Margaret Aitsi and Alfreda Nakue on the Kokoda Mateship Trek organised by two Federal MPs, Jason Clare and Scott Morrison.  Margaret and Alfreda graduated in December and were hosted by Adventure Kokoda for a 3-week trip to Sydney where they met up with their fellow trekkers in Bankstown and Cronulla.

We were delighted to receive the following email from Mr Don Daniels MBE, Chairman and Founder of the Port Moresby Grammar School on 10 October 2009:

Good morning Mr Lynn,

Years ago, we first met in the dining room of the Parliament of New South Wales when you invited Dame Carol Kidu and myself to a dinner.    The occasion then was about assisting Papua New Guinea students, especially those from villages along the Kokoda track.

Little did I know then, how much Port Moresby Grammar School is now in your debt for the support you have given the school.

Among other things, this support consists of:

  1. four Adventure Kokoda bursaries
  2. your kindness in sponsoring Margaret Aitsi and Alfreda Nakue on the trip of a lifetime to Australia
  3. over 2500 books received for the library and classrooms
  4. a plethora of stationery supplies
  5. medical equipment and supplies
  6. a wide variety of sports gear
  7. K3500 in cash for special needs aspects in the school

Exposure of our students to wonderful ordinary Australians who come to PNG …. and reciprocally for Aussies to see and bond with Papua New Guineans within the school environment.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the School, please accept our sincere and grateful thanks for that you have done and we hope this special bond between POM Grammar and Kokoda will continue and strengthen.


Chairman and Founder
Port Moresby Grammar School

Kokoda Sports Development Program

Adventure Kokoda was proud to be the only trekking company to respond to a call to sponsor a Kokoda Trail Sports Development Program on the Gold Coast during the period 22 – 28 November 2009.

The program comprised 17 rugby league players from villages along the Kokoda Trail and four officials.  The program was hosted by the Gold Coast Titans Junior Development Management Team and involved a number of training sessions with the Titans juniors.

A couple of league clubs in the local Queensland Rugby League were most impressed with the skills of the Kokoda players and have commenced negotiations to recruit some of the boys for next season.

Warren Bartlett of Sogeri Enterprises PNG joined Adventure Kokoda in sponsoring the Kokoda players.

Kokoda Village School Support Program

Our sponsorship for the Kokoda Sports Development Program complements our ‘Yumi Helpim Pikinini’ Program where each of our trek groups is allocated a village to support with education, health and sporting supplies.  Under this program our trekkers are invited to bring items from a list we prepare to meet the needs of local villagers along the trail.  This year we have delivered 120 backpack loads of education, health and sporting supplies.  These are well received by the students who always respond with a special sing-sing for our groups.

In addition to this Adventure Kokoda provides ongoing support to Tessie Soi’s Friends Foundation and the Buk Bilong Pikinini and Kaikai Bilong Pikinini Programs established by Anne-Sophie Hermann, wife of the Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Mr Chris Moraitis.

These programs would not be possible without the active support of trekkers who choose to trek with Adventure Kokoda.  Their generosity is making a major difference to the lives of our Koiari and Orokaiva friends along the Kokoda Trail.