The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has unveiled a new website containing details and photos of overseas war memorials dedicated to Australian service personnel.

The Overseas Memorials Search website allows viewers to access details and photographs of over 110 official and privately constructed overseas memorials honouring Australian service.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Alan Griffin said the website would make planning a visit to an overseas memorial easier for Australians.

New resource for overseas memorials

“Australians have served in locations throughout the world – not only protecting our nation, but helping to protect our neighbours and allies,” Mr Griffin said.

“Official memorials have been established by the Australian Government or the Commonwealth in many of these locations, and local communities have also erected special memorials and monuments.

“I encourage all Australians to consider visiting an overseas memorial as part of future travel plans, or as part of research into our wartime history.”

He said the new database provided travellers with details about memorials on the Kokoda Track, a memorial plinth at Subic Bay in the Philippines and a memorial stone in Elands River in South Africa.

“The database will continue to grow as more data is collected, and I invite people with information about the location or details of overseas memorials to contact my Department,” Mr Griffin said.

“The stories behind each memorial are unique and provide a powerful reminder of the courage of Australians who served and died overseas.”

He said an example of one tribute to Australian soldiers was in the Danish town of Stadil, where locals had built a wooden cross to commemorate the crew of the Lancaster bomber EE138, which was shot down by a Luftwaffe night fighter in 1943.

The crew of eight men, four of whom were Australian, managed to steer the Lancaster away from the village before it crashed, but died for their efforts.

The new website was available at