Trekking companies have been advised by the Department of Environment, Heritage, Water and the Art of the following achievements by the Kokoda Development Program since November 2008:

Water and Sanitation
• Completion of a water supply system at Efogi health centre
• Feasibility study for Naoro-Manari water supply completed. Water testing needs to be repeated, before final scoping and costs are determined (construction scheduled to will then be set)
• Toilet construction training for six community people to install toilets at all schools in Kokoda and along the Track

• Communications – upgrading of the radio network in five villages along the track (Efogi, Naoro 1 and 2, Launumu, Enivilogo)

• major clean up at Kokoda District Health Centre, including provision of additional medical and cleaning equipment and infection control training
• health supplies distributed to clinics
• more than 150 children vaccinated
• training (‘Kick Start’) for all health workers from facilities along the Track completed
• 21 Village Health Volunteers (representatives from Kokoda, Hoi, Kovelo, Isurava, Alola, Abuari ) have completed their training and are now provisionally qualified, to be confirmed and registered after 3 months.
• 23 Village Health Volunteers now qualified from Kagi, Naduri, Efogi, Enivilogo, Manari, Naoro, Launumu
• completion of the first health patrol of the Kokoda area for more than a decade (monthly patrols from Kokoda HC commenced)
• completion of 2nd & 3rd Patrol for Efogi area
• installation of EPI refrigerator at Efogi
• HIV/AIDs forum held
• Clean-up day Sogeri health centre
• Clinical training continuing at Efogi and Kokoda

• teachers flown into villages for the start of the 2009 school year
• school curriculum materials distributed (22 schools)

Other community activities
• Kokoda village sports program completed – representatives from schools and wards trained and sports equipment provided, Isurava, Alola
• Sports equipment provided at Kovelo, Abuari
• Women’s Leadership and organisational training program completed – women trained from Kokoda, Hoi, Kovelo, Isurava, Alola, Abuari, Vesulogo
• Community programs – sewing and cooking classes held – Hoi, Kovelo, Isurava, Alola, Abuari
• Sewing machines – Abuari