The Kokoda Trail Social Mapping Study will be seek to identify all clans between Owers Corner and Kokoda and the relationships between the varios clans. The study will also seek to identify landowners of each battlesite, significant feature, campsite, creek crossing, swamp area, lookout, waterfall, hunting track and mountain range.

The results of the study will be provided at no cost to the Australian Government. It will be conducted by trek operators with up to 18 years experience on the Kokoda Trail.  A number of the trek leaders involved in the study have lived in PNG for long periods, are fluent in Tok Pisin, have a deep appreciation of the military significance of the Kokoda campaign and are familiar with the Kokoda Trail and the Koiari and Orokaiva villagers who live along it.

Paid consultants not familiar with the Kokoda Trail, Melanesian culture and language or military history will not be involved in this study.