Adventure Kokoda again donated a trek to the Queensland ‘RSL Girl-in-a-Million’ charitable quest to assist with their fundraising efforts in 2008. We received the following letter from this year’s RSL Golden Girl, Miss Melissa Raitelli from Ayr, who raised $65,179.89:

‘Dear Mr Lynn,

‘Being involved in the RSL Girl in a Million Quest has truly changed my life and I am so grateful for all the wonderful things I have experienced and will experience in my reigning year.

‘I would like to sincerely thank you for your contributions towards the RSL Girl in a Million Quest. It is wonderful to see people willing to support the cause for the care and well being of our Queensland Veterans.

‘I am very appreciative of the support you have given, and I am sure the veterans would be most thankful for your kindness too. Your contribution has made a positive difference to their lives in addition to each and every entrant that has been part of the Quest.

‘Once again thatn thank you for your valued sponsorship towards the RSL Girl in a Million Quest, we hope that you are able to continue this for years to come.

Kindest regards,

Melissa Raitelli’

The 2008 RSL Girl in a Million was Miss Maia Keerie of Rockhampton. She wrote:

‘Dear Mr Lynn,

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you on behalf of all individuals involved with the RSL Girl in a Million Quest.

‘The support and assistance you’ve given to the quest has ensured that it will reach its 50th anniversary next year and continue to change the lives of Queensland veterans and young Queensland women.

‘For you kind generousity , I extend my deepest gratitude to you.

Kindest regards,

Maia Keerle

We are happy to advise Melissa and Maia that we intend to continue our partnership with the Queenland RSL and offer a fully sponsored trek again for auction in 2009.

Queensland RSL State President, Doug Formby advises that a total of $718,184 was raised by the entrants in the Quest in 2008 – a great result for our veteran community.