Field Marshall Sir Thomas Blamey: Australia’s most promoted but least appreciated soldier

An address to the United Services Institute by Major-General Gordon Maitland AO OBE RFD ED (Retd) 

The United Services Institiute presents the Blamey Oration biannually in conjunction with the Field Marshall Sir Thomas Blamey Memorial Fund. The oration perpetuates the memory of Sir Thomas Blamey, Australia’s highest ranking serviceman and, arguably, its greatest soldier. In this oration, which marks the 54th anniversary of the death of the Field Marshall on 27 May 1951, General Maitland reviews several controversial relationships and events in Blamey’s career and, in seeking to set the record straight, presents new evidence from his own research on the Kokoda campaign. [Read more…]

Blamey: Controversial Leader

Field Marshall Sir Thomas Blamey – Australia’s most promoted, but least appreciated soldier.

The most recent diatribe against Field Marshall Sir Thomas Blamey by ‘historian’ Michael McKernan (The Strength of a Nation) is based on a false premise. In the latest attempt to besmirch the reputation of Australia’s most senior commander McKernan obviously accepts the ‘rumours’ about Blamey’s address at Koitaki as ‘fact’. Students with an interest in Blamey’s life would be better advised to read Blamey: the Commander-in-Chief by David Horner. [Read more…]