Why Kokoda?

Kokoda Anzac 2011 032Since former Prime Minister Paul Keating visited Kokoda on the 50th anniversary of the campaign in 1992 the name has become synonymous with ‘Anzac’ and ‘Gallipoli’ because of its wartime historical significance.

The Kokoda Trail is unique because there is no other known challenge in such a remote jungle environment with such a compelling story – an experience that allows modern day trekkers to conquer their own adversity as the wartime history of the Kokoda campaign unfolds.

Kokoda, like Gallipoli, is a wartime pilgrimage where heroic stories of courage, mateship, sacrifice, endurance, initiative, egalitarianism and leadership are experienced in a way that has no equal in today’s civil society.

Australians do not trek Kokoda to have an environmental levitation or a cultural awakening – that comes later.  They trek it to walk in the footsteps of the brave. [Read more…]

NSW schools to commemorate 70th anniversary of the raising of the flag on Kokoda

Following is a speech delivered by Charlie Lynn, Parliamentary Secretary for Veterans Affairs, at the Anzac Memorial in Sydney to launch the NSW Schools Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the raising of the flag at Kokoda on 3 November 1942:

“Good morning teachers and students,

Around 15 years ago I attended a commemorative service for the 8th Division in Martin Place.  The late Sergeant Stan Bryant was guest speaker.

Stan reminded us that 1942 was the most critical time in Australia’s history.

“In eight weeks the overpowering Japanese invasion forces had destroyed the United States Navy in Pearl Harbour and sunk the British battleships in the China Sea.  The Japanese had captured Hong Kong and half of China and forced the British Navy to abandon Singapore.  They had defeated the United States Army in the Philippines and defeated the British Army in Malaya.  They had occupied Indonesia and sunk the Dutch fleet in the Java Sea.

“Australians experienced the terrible fear of imminent invasion.  We faced the loss of our homes and our country.  Many had turned to prayer as a last resort for their safety. [Read more…]


Adventure Kokoda is a proud sponsor of the RSL Anzac Art Awards announced by NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and NSW RSL President, Mr Don Rowe AM in Sydney last Friday.

The awards comprise a colouring and art competition for all NSW School students.

Primary students from year 1 to year 6 can select one of the 10 stencils on the website abd creatively colour it in.  They then get enlist the help of mum or dad to photograph it and submit it to the website entry page for this section.

Secondary students from year 7 to year 12 are required to submit a sketch or painting on a theme advised by the RSL.  This year the award theme is ‘The Poppy’.  They then submit a photograph to the relevant section on the website.  Original artworks will be submitted to the RSL in late November for final judging.

Adventure Kokoda is sponsoring the NSW Premier’s Kokoda Anzac Art Award with an Anzac Medal and a trek across the Kokoda Trail for the winner.

Click here to view the webiste for the RSL Anzac Art Awards [Read more…]