Adventure Kokoda Gear Guide: DAYPACKS

If you intend to carry your own backpack across the Kokoda Trail you will need to be in top physical condition. The terrain is rugged and remote, the humidity is high and some of the mountain ranges could be classified as razorback.

In the past many trekkers wanted to do it ‘as the diggers did it’.  They were therefore advised they would not need a tent, a sleeping bag, spare clothes, toiletries or food.  They would also have to go to a disposal store and buy some hard leather hob-nailed boots.

Some persisted and made an unrealistic attempt to carry their own backpack regardless. Unfortunately we then had to try and recruit local villagers to help them complete their journey. This placed an unfair burden on the guides and carriers we had recruited as they then had to share their food and shelter as there was no prospect of a resupply.

The trek itself is hard enough without the unnecessary burden of an extra 12-15 kg.

For those who engage a Personal Carrier we recommend they purchase a small daypack – between 10 and 35 litres – to carry your water and snacks.

It is wise to do some research to ensure you get one that meets your needs for the trek – and for years to come.  Please don’t borrow or bring a cheapy – it might not last the distance and it will certainly not fit well. If it doesn’t fit properly you will curse your decision from about day 2.

It should have a good suspension system, a hydration sleeve, an outside pocket and a rain-cover.

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